Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Grandmothers of Death

Download Grandmothers of death

I started recording this song at about 6pm, and now it's 8:17pm. Cool, man, in about 2 hours you can have a song go from bein' an idear in your head to bein' on the internet for everyone in the whole wide world to hear! (Or, in my case, the 3 people who check this blog. Thanks, guys!)

Anyway, I think I know what this song's about, but it would be stupid to try to put it into words, you know, man. But, I thought it'd be nice to stay with the theme of grandparents and death, cuz that's kind of a nice thing to write songs about.

Okay, yeah, the picture has nothing to do with the song, but the cats behind the screen door are sorta ominous-looking, like the narrators of the song. I know, I'm reachin', but I just wanted a pretty picture so this blog wouldn't look too boring.

Monday, November 2, 2009


I really gotta get off my ass and do some recording. Man, this has been the longest hiatus in forever. Bleh, bleh, bleh. At least I'm doing NaNoWriMo againg, though.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Commentary - Grandpa-ish

Yeah, this song, one o' my main influences for it was Phillip Glass. He's a big ole influence o' mine. Minimalism and rock-n-roll go together real nice, yesiree. See, I was workin' on my most recent novel, and I was trying to figure out a weird way to describe the trance state the characters were finding themselves in. The word, "Grandpa-ish" came to mind. Yesiree.

Download Grandpaish

That was also the last song I wrote/recorded when I was livin' in LA. The theme of the song works pretty well with endings, I guess.

Friday, October 9, 2009


This week's song is called Grandpa-ish - I couldn't think of a way to illustrate the song, but I think the photo there sorta goes well with it, yeah.

Download Grandpaish

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Grandpa Songs

I need to post a new song-poops, and I've been all lazy and stressed out. I might have some time tomorrow, in which case I'll post a song called "Grandpa-ish." It's a song from before I left LA, and one of the new songs I'm writing here is called "Grandpa's House" which was inspired by a cool friend o' mine. That way I can have a whole series of Grandpa songs. Well, 2 of them.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yes, More Old Songs

Bleh, I have a couple songs in the cooker, but the writing is coming slow cuz I just moved and moving takes away my creativity, bleh. So, here's a song from 2002. When it turned 2002, I thought, cool, since the year is a palindrome, I'm gonna write a bunch of songs that're palindromes. If you play the song backwards, it sounds the same as when you play it forwards. If you listen to the first track, it's the regular song, and if you listen to the second track, you hear the song forwards in one speaker and backwards in the other. It doesn't match up perfectly, but it's pretty close, yesiree.

Download 06 fart on a pilot

Download 13 fart on a pilot backfor

The lyrics are:

Dood stops tug to grab a bar, got guts, pots, dood. (4x)

Did it fart on a pilot to lip a not-raft? I did. (2x)

Oy poop, sit tub, a gnat stang a butt - is poopy o. (2x)

Did it fart on a pilot to lip a not-raft? I did. (2x)

Toot-poop, o not drab to crap on a no-par-cot, bard, ton o' poop toot! (2x)

Did it fart on a pilot to lip a not-raft? I did. (2x)

Oy poop, sit tub, a gnat stang a butt - is poopy o. (2x)

Did it fart on a pilot to lip a not-raft? I did. (2x)

Dood stops tug to grab a bar, got guts, pots, dood. (4x)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Download Like humans do

That's right, you can count this as "working" cuz I'm "on-call," as you will. Hopefully I won't be needed, cuz I'm too exhausted. New jobs tend to do that. I had to post something today cuz today is 09-09-09. Weirdly enuff, it's also the deathiversary of someone in my life, but the song I wanted to post (about him) ain't on this computer yet. ARgh. But, maybe that's that particular soul's way o' tellin' me he wants to keep the date of his death private.

The song I posted is one I wrote way back in 2001, and it was, oh it's complicated. DAvid Byrne had just come out with his new album, Look Into The Eyeball, and so before I listened to it, I made a whole album of my own with all the same song titles. I was trying to predict what his album would sound like. Hah. This song sounds NOTHING like DB's "Like Humans Do." That's okay cuz I like mine better. I guess that sounds cocky. Arrogant, too.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Okay, why isn't this damn thing letting me post? ARgh!


Hi all,

I'll be back to posting in probably a couple more weeks. I've been away from the internet for the most part cuz of poopy moving, and my new place won't have internet for a while (then I'm going on vacation, where my internet will be dial-up -- too slow to post songs!). But it'll be soon-ish!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Go to Hell, Breathe, Fuck You

Download 21 Track 21

The song's supposed to be called Go to Hell, Breathe, Fuck You, but some computer malfunction is determining that it be called 21 track 21. Hmm. I wrote this way back in 2001 and this recording is from then, too. I got the chorus of the song from a dream (the chorus was just playing by itself in the dream). The verse I wrote in waking life, but it's what the dream was about.

I'm gonna stop doing this for a while. Bye.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm not writing songs these days cuz I'm pretty blocked. Hmm. I have lots of old ones but I can't decide what to post.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Alcoholic Barbie Doll

Download Alcoholic barbie doll2

I wrote this one back in 1997 around the same time as the one from last week, yesiree (but I recorded this version more recently, yes).

I guess you can hear it for yourself in the lyrics, but, like, you know, it's from the point of view of somebody's superego.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Alcoholic Summer Surprise

Download Alcoholic summer surprise3

I started writing this song way, way, wayyyyy back in 1997, oh dear lord, I'm old. I was jammin' with this quasi-band I was in at Dartmouth, and I came up with the chorus. At the time, the verses were mumbled spoken word stuff. I wrote new verses this weekend, and I'm happy with how they came out. Next week's song is Alcoholic Barbie Doll. I like songs with the word "alcoholic" in them.

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Darker, More Serious WRock Song Than Usual

Download Colin creevey

I was hesitant about posting this one, but I wanted to keep up with the weekly song-posting thingy. It's a Wizard Rock song, but it's darker and more serious than the ones I usually write. If you don't know the HP series, I dunno if this song'll make any sense. Then there's the problem of it being a spoiler, so if you haven't read Book 7 of the Harry Potter series, but are planning to, then DON'T LISTEN TO THIS SONG.

There's also the possibility that I got all the facts wrong cuz my memory of that book is hazy, so maybe this song ain't a spoiler, after all.

There's a wee bit of A Prayer for Owen Meany in this song, too. (I dunno if it's very recognizable, though). J.K. Rowling + John Irving = Jojkn Roiwlrving.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Something Else

Download Something else

Yeah, so this is the 2nd recording of my first break-up song, and it was originally written in 1998. It was kind of fun, cuz in the original recording, I had a lot more fancy instruments (but not as good recording equipment). In this one, the instrumentation's more primitive, cuz I'm using my little Casio keyboard from 1984 and things I found around the house for percussion (a yogurt container with can lids in it, a notebook and a pen, and a drum made for little kids). It's fun to try to make something bigger than the sum of the parts you used to make it; I'm really gettin' into that these days. You know, trying to make something sound relatively sophisticated, but with sorta primitive instrumentation. I guess I'm doing that partly because I got instruments stored in different places all over the state cuz they won't all fit into the place where I live.

When I originally wrote this song, I was heavily influenced by Talking Heads; you can hear it in the lyrics, I think. Actually, I added some new lyrics/vocals to the bridge, which in the original version was only instrumental. gotta run!

The picture is just regular doodles, but it's in the colors I imagine when I hear the song.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I'm still tryin' to decide whether to post the recordin' from last weekend. I'm on an official writer's block these days, so I'm re-recording old songs where I didn't like the original version. I did one last weekend that was my first break up song. I don't really know if it sounds like a break up song, but I heard it again recently and found that I really don't like the way I sang the original vocals. So, I did it with new vocals. I may post that but I have to listen to it a few times more to see if I want to. I did it way back in, what year was that? 1998? Oh, gee-whiz, that was 11 years ago!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

There We Are - Stupid Just Like You

Download Stupid just like you

Here's my song for this week. It's a genre that, hmm. I guess I've sorta been writing in this genre for a while, kind of. Kind of, but not all the way, sort of. It's, like, a genre I've been approximating, but I think it's even moreso for this song. Sort of a, I don't know. I guess you can be the judge of the genre, but it's a genre that I've been wanting to write in for a while. Like, I'll hear songs at the beginnings of movies or in movie previews, and I think, wow, I wanna write in that pseudo-Celtic, punky variety o' female vocal rock shtuff genre.

I think the Twilight series may have influenced this number a wee bit, but the song ain't about vampires, though. It's just a nice song about dysfunctional relationships, with a teeny tiny bit of Lacanian psychoanalytic theory thrown in (but it would be hard to tell about that last part unless you've read up on it some.)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

For Next Week

I shall be posting a song next week; dear lord, this week was kinda crazy. Plus, this computer's been acting up, so I'm a little weird about plugging in my little drive thingy into Mr. Virus Laden Computer. But, I'm happy with the song I recorded last weekend, so I'll stick it on here next week, yes indeed. It's a nice fucked up relationship variety o' song, yesiree.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Download Pressure

Here's the next one. It's got a tiny bit of blasphemy, so I apologize to folks whose religions I might offend. I dunno, it's sort of like the song has 2 themes mixed 2gether, and I told myself not to do that anymore, but I did it anyway, and even though the themes are related, I'm still not sure. I think I like it, but I'm guessing that years from now, I might not cuz I'm too lazy to just stick to one theme. Oh, well.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Diamond Commentary

What I'm thinkin' this song's about is how we're in this relatively affluent society, and many of us have more than we need, but we're all becoming more and more unhappy, and the like.
But, sometimes I'm hesitant to add commentary to a song, cuz, like, I want people to figure out what it means to them. But I add commentary, anyway, cuz I like to blather on about stuff.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Have Many Diamonds

Download Many diamonds

I liked how this song turned out, but I have some teeny tiny minor criticism, as well, but I don't wanna necessarily express it cuz, like, I don't want people's impressions about this song to be biased and the like.

See, this weekend, I was on a depressing-songs-that-I-think-the-dudes-from-Radiohead-would-like-kick. I have no idear if those guys would like these songs, and I cain't say that they actually sound like Radiohead, but they're nice and depressing and make me want to crawl in a hole. Yay!

Actually, the band that influenced this song was Codeine, and yet, I've only heard 1 of Codeine's songs, so it's only 1 song that influenced this song. I don't even remember what that song sounded like.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Next One

I'm not sure when I'll post my next one, but I'm thinking next week, cuz I didn't get a chance to record the newest song this last weekend cuz I actually had social things to do. That's kind of a rare event, so I gotta grab onto it when it comes along, yesiree. But, next weekend yesiree, and I have a new song in the cooker, a nice depressing one. Those are the best ones, those depressing ones.

Friday, May 8, 2009


This ain't got nuthin' to do with the song of this week neither, but sunflowers are so cheerful.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Type A Driven Demon

<--Awwh. (That has nothing to do with the song).

Download Typea

Here's a song I just wrote/recorded this weekend. I thought o' the idear on Friday night, as I was driving home and noticing how horribly grumpy I get in LA traffic, and how I want everyone to hurry along and not drive slow in front of me.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grumpy Sweetheart

This is a grumpy baby. She's grumpy cuz I have no time to post anything cuz I'm way, way, wayyyy overworked till next Monday (and then some).

Oy. But, there're 3 new Timmy and Bobby songs, although I think I might re-record one o' them. they'll be on the way soon-ish (or when I get less insanely busy) I swear, I didn't check email till 6pm today, bleh.

Friday, April 24, 2009

It Builds, Yes It Does

Oh, yeah, with the song of the week for this week, if you get bored during it, it's cool if you try to hang on till the end cuz that's sorta my favorite part of it (maybe about the last 1/3 or 1/4 of it). Yeah, man, yeah. Okay, cool.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Smart and Good

Download Smart and good

I've been tempted to re-record this one at a faster tempo, but, like, haven't yet. So I'll go ahead and put it on here cuz whoops. I just got interrupted by a really shitty, stressful phone call. Where was I?

Right, yeah, it's like, I've gone back and forth a lot on whether I like the tempo or think it's too slow. It's a good tempo for the chorus, but I'm not sure, in terms of the verse. Then again, I do like it cuz it's heavy and ominous and has this horrible, giant machine industrial feel to it.

Friday, April 17, 2009

This week, I was swamped-ass, swamp-gas, good lord, Jesus. I have 3 recordings, but one o' them is on the slow side, and I may record a faster version soon-ish. There're 2 T and B ones, but I wanna re-mix one, and the other, I don't like the order of stuff in the song, so I'm gonna re-record it differently. I wanted to post something to let you guys know I didn't disappear into the ether (although it sort of feels like it these days). Bleh. I'll keep you posted on the posting.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Next Timmy and Bobby Song

Download Tandb5

Although there are 2 that precede it, but somehow they didn't end up on this particular thumb-drive. Hmmm. Maybe they're on my other thumb drive. One of the ones that precede it, as I said yesterday, is one I'm not sure if I'll include in the "final product." Still not sure. But I'm thinking about it. I probably will, though. This song was originally gonna be a Wizard Rock song, but the main character, previously was supposed to be J.K. Rowling, ended up bein' one o' Timmy and Bobby's friends, instead. (Hah, or maybe Timmy and Bobby are friends with J.K. Rowling!)

Monday, April 6, 2009

More T and B to Come

I'm thinkin' 'bout, letsee here. Okay, I have about, letsee here, 3.5 Timmy and Bobby songs people haven't heard yet, and I'm trying to figure out whether to post them 1 at a time or all at once. Cuz, like, if I post Song #1 in the progression (and I'm still tryin' to think about whether to include it in the whole thing or not, but I think I will, probably). Wait, what was I saying? Okay, so if I post #1, I'd sort of like to post #2 and #3 at the same time, cuz, like, I dunno. It sort of sounds better when you hear what follows it next. I dunno, man. I'll think o' something.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Fake Mormon Hymns

Okay, I'll do the fake Mormon Hymns. I kind of wish in the last post that I coulda just said that it was my idea to come up with fake Mormon hymns, but that wouldn't be honest. It just wouldn't be honest. I've done this thing before where I try to predict what David Byrne's music will sound like before I listen to it. I actually decided not long ago to not do that again, but that sort of went out the window, cuz, you know I had these vivid pictures in my head o' what fake Mormon hymns might sound like.

Download Mormon1

Download Mormon2

Download Mormon3

The first one is the closest to what I imagined, although the theme is more general God-stuff and less about Mormonism in particular. The second one is more Mormon in particular in theme, but not very politically correct. The 3rd one is just a straight rock song (but again, thematically pretty Mormon-ish). Hah.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I'll probably post on Friday cuz I have a couple hours in the day I can do that in. Today's nonstop, starting at 9am, bleh. Oh, no wait, I have 1 free hour. To do paperwork in. I'm trying to decide between the next installment of the Timmy and Bobby series, or a, well, this is hard to explain. "Fake Mormon Hymns." Or, more precisely, "Fake 'Mormon Hymns'" Since I've never heard what a Mormon hymn sounds like. I saw on Amazon Dot com that David Byrne wrote a soundtrack for some HBO series, I guess involving Mormon people, and he'd listened to a buncha Mormon hymns and wrote a buncha fake ones in the same style. I sorta got a vivid picture of what those might sound like, so I wrote 3 "hymns" with Mormon themes from my imagination, ha ha ha. This is getting too long. I'm tired, and I'm fighting off some kind of virus that involves a sore throat, but the situation at work is so bad that I have to come in, even if I end up with a fever of 104 or something. It kind of sucks.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I recorded 4 songs this weekend; I'll post something once I get some nice breathing room. That may be next year! The more stressed I get at this job o' mine, the more prolific I get with the music over the weekends, it seems. Yesiree.

Friday, March 27, 2009

2 Basses

I dunno if you can tell, but in this recording of Knife In The Side, there are actually 2 basses. The one to the left is more lower and the one to the right is higher and more on the fancy side. It's easier to tell, I think, if yer listening thru headphones. I couldn't decide what style o' bass line to do, so I did both. It seems to work okay, so thats' coolio.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Knife in the Side

Download Knife in side3

There we go, I'm doing this instead of working, ha ha ha. Work is so fucked up right now, I don't really see the point of working-poops. This song is based on a true story; the real person it happened to got stabbed in the back, though (don't worry, he lived). But, "knife in the side" sounds nicer than "knife in the back." It just sort of had a nice ring to it.

I wrote this song way back during my Dartmouth days (although I re-worked the bridge a little, last weekend when I recorded it). I had done 2 recordings of it (as well as the original jam session it came from) but was never happy with any of the recordings. In the first, the vocals sucked and some of the lyrics were pretentious. In the second, the bass line was pretentious. I think I like this one, though. I kind of wish I had the original jam session recording, but it may have ended up with my ex-boyfriend. We'd had some nice things to smoke that night.

It'll Come

Yeah, I have another song in mind to post, but I dunno when I'll do it. There's this real big S.N.A.F.U. at work right now, and it's the most fucked-upped shit in the whole world. It's really fucked up.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ramblings About This Week's Song and Random Stuff

Download Bedouin society

It's weird to be on somewhat of the leading-edge of this depression and write this song, not knowing how the rest of the depession is going to go. I'm realizing that sentence could have a double meaning, as in economic depression or the psychological variety. Maybe the economic situation'll get nice and turn into roses suddenly, but it's so hard to know. It would be nice if this song was on the radio, cuz it's relevant to our poopy times, but it's not. It would sound really bad if I used pitch correction on the vocals, so I dont' do that. I don't have the technology, anyway, but vocals with pitch correction sound like poopywipes.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Bedouin Society

Download Bedouin society

I had to interrupt the Timmy and Bobby cycle cuz I recorded this song this weekend and wanted to get it up on this here blog, cuz I'm kinda excited about it. Or something. I was talking with someone about the crappy economic situation, when I came up with the prediction that eventually, everybody'll be homeless and there'll be all these foreclosed houses with no one livin' in 'em, and a bunch of people livin' in cardboard boxes on the sidewalks outside of these vacant houses that used to be theirs. It's sorta ironic. All these perfectly good, but unused houses and a buncha homeless people. Maybe it won't end up that way. But that's what this song's about. Cool.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I May Know Who Timmy and Bobby Are!

I think I may know who Timmy and Bobby are, I just very well may know now. The question is, is it real or is it made-up real? I guess it doesn't really matter. I think I'm writing the next T and B song; we'll see how it turns out. It may be the final one, or maybe it'll be the beginning one of a new song-cycle. Then again, maybe I'll write it, thinking it's the final one, but since I'll likely be alive for a while, I could always start up again, yeah. Cuz the original T&B song, I thought was the first and last.

I'm really enjoying the CD by The Tender Morsels--there's a link on the sidebar thingy for them. It's music that's accessible enuff for me to be able to really like it on the fist listen, but it's complex enuff that it stays interesting for a long, lonnnnnnnng time. There're some songs that are wonderfully heart-breakingly poignant, and others that're all upbeat, and some that are really nice for getting you into that holiday spirit! I highly recommend!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Download Timmy and bobby

Download Timmyandbobby2

Funny, cuz I realize I say " a sense..." a lot, as in, "in a sense, that sounds like such and so," but I keep on realizing and re-realizing that "in a sense" sounds a lot like "innocence."

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Download Timmy and bobby

Download Timmyandbobby2

I wrote the first Timmy and Bobby song after a disappointing experience with a Shaman. Sometimes I feel disappointed by people who say "everything will be just fine, there's no reason to be sad, BE HAPPY." I guess they have good intentions, but they're full of shit.

Then there's Timmy and Bobby, who also are like that, all optimistic and thinkin' everything is wonderful and gonna be wonderful, and they have really good intentions. I really like Timmy and Bobby, cuz they're like Ernie and Bert, sort of. They're sweet and innocent. Maybe they'll never be exposed all-the-way to the poopiness of the world, but I'm not sure. I wanna protect them from it, so they can keep on being all optimistic, but at the same time, wow, in one of the later songs, some bad stuff may happen to them (I can't really tell). But even if bad stuff happens, they still retain their sweet innocence. That one'll be next week. Then again, maybe I'm wrong, and I'm interpreting the lyrics wrongly.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The First 2 Songs of the Timmy and Bobby Series

Download Timmy and bobby

Download Timmyandbobby2

These 2 songs look similar, and indeed, they're about the same characters, but they're different songs. I hope they're not too boring. It's just fun to have a nice li'l project, writin' a set o' similarly themed songs and stuff. The first one is the one I wrote about 3.5 years ago, and the second one is one I wrote a couple weeks ago.

I did an album in 2002, where all the songs are palindromes; y'know, if you play the song backwards, it sounds exactly the same as forwards. I wondered what perceptual effect it would have, havin' songs like that. I mean, like, do people's cognitive systems, at some implicit level, detect that these songs are symmetrical. For many years, I wondered if they did. I listened to them yesterday, while I was on a long drive, and I realized, yes, indeed, they do have a perceptual effect. They get boring really fast! That's the effect! I always thought, why do these songs get boring after only 1 listen? They sound interesting enough, when you hear 'em the first time, and they're musically no less complex than my other songs. But you get tired of them fast. Strange-o.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Timmy and Bobby

I'm thinking the next 3 songs I post'll be a series o' them. I started writing somewhat of a, what do you call it? I guess you'd call it a bunch of songs with a common theme. It would be fun to make it into a rock symphony or whatever you might call it, but, like, I dunno if the characters I'm writing about really want to reveal enuff about themselves to me for me to be able to make it into anything coherent or with an evolving story line.

Let'see here. This stuff won't be posted till next week, cuz I'm busier than all get-out this week, but yeah, I'll tell ya about it. It was about 3-1/2 years ago, and I can't believe how fast the time went, y'know? This song I wrote back then still feels new-ish to me, so it's like whoah, this song is 3-1/2 years old.

It's about these 2 guys, Timmy and Bobby, and I'm not sure their age. I think they're grown up, but they're still little kids at the same time. They're these super optimistic dudes, and I tend to write about how unrealistic their optimism is. I guess it's nice that they're optimistic, but, like, they tell you things that're all hopeful, and they sound like bullshit cuz you can't predict the future, and besides, the future is usually bad, anyway.

That's what those songs are about. I wrote 3-1/2 of them, oh wow. That's funny, cuz the first song is 3-1/2 years old, man. The other 2.5 songs are a couple weeks old.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Collapsed Commentary

Download Capnpicarddreams I want the thing

I realize the description of how I wrote this song is really confusing. Poop. It's basically, the first line of this song is something I rejected previously, but then I decided to take it and make it into a song. There.

I've had 2 dreams about Cap'n Picard bein' my boyfriend, or at least a boyfriendish character. Wouldn't it be nice to have dreams like that every day? He's got such a sexy bald head.

I gotta apologize to my bass player buddies for not havin' a real bass in this song; when I went up north for my break, I FORGOT to bring my bass with me, so I had to use the thingy on my digital recorder that converts regular guitar to bass. So, that's why it sounds kinda weird.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Captain Picard Is My Boyfriend In My Dreams

Download Capnpicarddreams I want the thing

This was a song I recorded over Christmas break. I was sort of in the middle of my writer's block during it. I may be back in one, but we'll see. This song is about how Cap'n Picard is my boyfriend in dreams. But, you know, it talks about his experience from the point of view of a TV character. TV characters never go to the bathroom. There're other things people on TV never do, too. I don't know if they ever screw in lightbulbs.

See, I'd done this recordin', where, wow, this was way back in 1997, me and my boyfriend at the time were recordin' a bunch of improvised stuff, and at this one point, I was starting to make up stuff and then I'd say, "nah" and stop and make something else up and keep starting and stopping till whatever I was imagining as being what I wanted to write came out. I decided to take one o' those false starts and make a song outta it. That's what this song is. the very beginning o' this song is a false start that I originally rejected.

See, I always wondered what it'd have sounded like if I'd have continued that thingy I did and rejected. Here it is. This may be a very cryptic explanation and tuff to understand. Long winded.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


The profile picture used to be of me, and now it's of a cat in a box. It's not that I want to be 'nonymous; Blogger lost the picture of me that I was usin'!!!!!!!! The only picture I had available on a thumb-drive was of Charlie in a Box. So, now when people view my profile, they'll think I'm a cat! (In a box).

Friday, February 20, 2009

Poopy Poopy World Poops

Download Comet

Here's a picture, but it's not exactly how I'd imagined it, but it's hard to draw things that look like how you imagine 'em. I'm not sure if I like the song that much, it might sound too much like other songs-n-stuff.

Do I wanna make this dumb blog public again? I dunno, man. It's so hard, when you put yourself out there and dunno what yer gonna meet up with. How do you get your creative poopy stuff out to the world, but protect yourself, too? Maybe there's no way to do it. Maybe if you wanna be an artist and get your crap to the world, you gotta throw yourself into the abyss, and the like. It seems to wear people out when they do that, like Mozart and how he died all young and stuff. And Jim Morrison. You gotta have the disposition of a cop to be able to do this stuff and not cause some serious fucking damage to yourself. What a stupid world. No wonder I blow it up with a comet in this song.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Song about a Comet

Download Comet

This is a sort of chipper little bubblegum-pop song about the end o' the world, yes, indeed. I tend to write a lot of those.

Song about a Comet

Download Comet

This is a sort of chipper little bubblegum-pop song about the end o' the world, yes, indeed. I tend to write a lot of those.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Here's a new one for ya

Dude, it's gettin' harder and harder to post songs on this blog, man. Harder and harder, like lifting a big fucking heavy load. This well may dry up soon. I see impending dryness. Yes, this blog is about to die. Poor little blog. But, I'm realizin', more and more, I'm not well-suited to this internet business. I see other people who have wildly successful blogs, and I'm not sure what the difference is. i don't think I'm producin' a poor quality product, and i feel like, in many ways, i've been writin' some o' my best songs up to this point. I'm not a self-promotional guru or anything, though. Or maybe I don't have much talent. I don't care anymore. This blog is breathin' that death-rattle breath that people talk about in books sometimes. Euthanasia is the way to go. Sorry I failed you, poor blog.

Download She was sleeping

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

There'll Be More...Probably on Friday? Maybe?

I do have a new song I want to post this week, but it's a crazy week, bleh bleh bleh. It's funny cuz the one last week about the poison mushroom? If i was ever to stop blogging, I'd want that to be the very last song I post, cuz it just seems like a good goodbye song, you know. But, I'm still plannin' on posting, so I'll post an additional song this week-poops. Letsee here, what else? Yeah. Okay, man, yeah. Oh, yeah, that was it! I know I've had that happen before, where If feel like I've just written a good last-song, so it'll probably happen again. But, I sorta feel like the mushroom song came directly outta my soul, and the like.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's comin.....just gotta get some nerves up.

I'm always nervous on Wednesday afternoons, nomatter what.

I did a song this week and I like it really well, but I'm sort of cowardly about puttin' in on this here fine songblog. It's cuz I like it so much that it's really afraid to parade it in front of the world. That was a Freudian slep. I meant to say "I'm really afraid to parade it..." but I said "it" instead of "I." That begs the question, though, man. Is the song more afraid of public exposure or am I? Can a song be afraid? I think so, maybe. This one, I think could be cuz it's a nice little song and nice songs tend to have lots of emotions in 'em (including fear).

Friday, January 16, 2009

The part about the mean-bald lady sun, I realized that came outta my subconscious (not that the rest didn't), cuz, oh crap, I'm too tired to think.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Illiterate, But I Like the Song.

Download Sovereignity

Oh dear lord, Blogger gave me an error message. Let me try this again.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh My

I did some recordings this past weekend, and one might be too dark/shocking, etc. to post, although I sort of feel like it's fairly benign, but it could easily be taken as having shock-value (which I'm not really into).

The other one, oh my. Goodness me. Well, okay. I put the word, "sovereignity" in it, only realizing later that "sovereignity" ain't a word. No, the word is "sovereignty." But "sovereignty" doesn't have enough syllables, and I hadn't really thought about it. I'd just sort of recorded the song, not realizing that "sovereignity" ain't a word. I realized it wasn't a word when I spelled out the title of the song (which has the word "sovereignity" in it) and thought, "wow, that doesn't look right." Fuckity fuck.

Now I'm not sure what to do, whether to post it here or not, because I like the song just fine. Indeed, it's a half-way decent song for being in the middle of a writer's block, but, like, I'm really embarassed about having a not-real-word in it. I could just make excuses and say that I MEANT it to be that way, cuz it sounds sort of like "serenity." Sort of like "sovereign serenity." Indeed, as I'm learning about Lacan and his wild theories, I'd guess that he'd say that there WAS some meaning to the use of the word "sovereignity," because mispronunciations and slips of the tongue are an indication that some o' your unconscious contents are slippin' through. So, I could just say, ah, yes, well, then. In my professorly wisdom, I say that "sovereignity" DOES have a meaning. (I almost typed DIES instead of DOES) (another Freudian slip there).

I will think on it some. I don't know if I'll post it or not. Part of me wants to re-record it cuz I'm so embarassed, but another part sez it'll sound stupid because it's the wrong number (I originally typed "dumber") of syllables. (Dumber, yes, that's a very good Freudian slip there).

Friday, January 9, 2009

There was an earthquake last night, and my house lived from left to write. Oops, I mean, right.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Download Mwpandp2

Here's another illustration for Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs, yes. I don't know how to draw antlers, no.

I wrote 2 other songs and recorded 'em over the break, but, alas, I fear they're not as high-quality as my higher-quality-ish stuff, bleh. It sucks balls to have a dead artform, to have an artform inside you die, die, die. It's fine if it goes into hybernation for a while, that's all well and good, but how long'll it last? Will it ever go away, this poopy rut that I'm stuck in? It's been since about October and it sucks balls, man. It just plain old sucks balls, poopy-poopy-ones, man. I know what you're thinking...but it's always gone away in the past! Yes, indeed, I say. But what if this is the final writers block and there'll be no more good music till I'm all dead and stuff (then I'll be all dead and stuff, and it's hard to write music then). I think o' people like David Byrne, you know. The dude used to be brilliant-and-a-half, and now his music's fairly dead. Every once in a while he squeezes out something that's got maybe a teeny tiny bit of life in it, but for the most part, he's an old fart resting on his laurels. At least if I become an old fart, I won't rest on my laurels, cuz I gots too much shame for that, ha ha ha. I'll just chalk it up to the poopy-ness of a universe that gives you nice things and then sez "you can't have that anymore." Well, fuck you, universe!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs

Download Mwpandp2

Yay, my band did a recording over the break, and that's a nice thing. There's an earlier version o' this song on this here blog, but here's the band version, the official version, the latest version, the one we'll eventually put on CD's and the like. Yesiree.