Friday, January 13, 2017

Everything Is In Between

Oh, my, this week's song is in English. I was initially a little bummed out cuz the lyrics sounded too general to me. (Or, you know, not about something specific, like I usually like to do). But it actually turned out to be a pretty good portrayal of depression. Or maybe it's more like a song about how depressing the world is. That might be what it is.

Stay tuned for next week's song, cuz it'll be the backwards version of this week's song. I actually like the performance in the backwards one a wee bit better. Yesiree.

Friday, January 6, 2017


This song's called Pweetnyath. It's another weird, backwards version of a song from that rock opera I did about a year ago. Or, wow, more than a year ago now. I'm old. This is one of those songs where the mood of the forwards version of it and the backwards version are kind of the same. (That's not always the case). I'll have to play the turned-around version for you at some point. The "they wouldn't ask you" guy is a really minor character. That's why this is the first time there's been a picture of him on here.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Backwards Versions of Scoops Out and Not Official Capacity

I'm outta town for the holidays, so I don't have access to my recording equipment stuff, so I'm posting some stuff I already have. These 2 songs are what some of the recent songs sound like if you play them backwards. The first one is that "Not Official Capacity" song if you turn it around backwards. It's actually that "Million" song I recorded a little over a year ago. The lyrics are:

(We gotta talk about your dad)
A million years to get to their story/ a million years to get to this day/ the sun got lost and it was forgotten/ his eyes are sad, the sky's turning grey
A million stories that were forgotten/ a million stories from yesterday/ the thing that got recovered was broken/ his eyes are sad, the sky's turning grey
A million miles and it is a desert/ the thing that got forgot yesterday/ a million times to make it not broken/ his eyes are sad, the sky's turning grey
A million years to get to their story/ a million years to get to this day/ the sun got lost and it was forgotten/ his eyes are sad, the sky's turning grey
(he sees that it's gone)

Then if you turn Scoops Out backwards, it turns into a weird version of Grassroots (or Wake Me Up In the Middle of the Road). The lyrics (they're a bit harder to understand in this one) are:

(Grass roots, yeah, us grassroots people)
I'm a blade of grass/ growing through the cracks/ I'm a blade of grass/ In the middle of the middle of the...
Wake me up in the middle of the road
I was having fun / in the middle of the / maybe I should run / in the middle of the middle of the...
Wake me up in the middle of the road
Maybe I should run / stupid scary sun / making me have fun / in the middle of the middle of the....
Wake me up in the middle of the road

(Yeah, I had a wee bit of a harder time with the word enunciation stuff on this one than usual; dunno why this one was harder' usual.)

But, on the other hand, I was kinda proud of this recording because if you turn it backwards you don't have to mess with the timing of the rhythm tracks, relative to the guitar/bass/keyboard/vocals tracks, in order to make it all match up, rhythm-wise. But I did have to do that on the Millions one. Yesiree.

It's all weird, man, cuz I guess, in a sense, I've outed myself, all the way, in terms of how I derived these weird, cryptic songs. It's just me plain-old figuring out how to perform my regular songs backwards. Now that the mystique has been removed from this whole thing, I wonder what people'll think. It's weird, and I kind of have mixed feelings about the whole process of outing myself. On the one hand, I kinda liked the idear of it being somewhat of a mystery, how those weird songs came about. But on the other hand, I felt like a little bit of a jerk for being all weird and secretive about it. And also, I kinda wanted people to hear what these sound like when you turn 'em around. Like, I wanted to give people the opportunity to hear how close I got to the original songs, and all that. I dunno, man.

But in any event, I'm gonna keep on doing it, because it's fun and weird and cool, too.

It's kinda fittin' that the last post of 2016 has a weird version of the Million song in it, cuz it's such a sad song about loss and stuff. It's fittin' cuz this was such a sad year. But there was good stuff, too, on a personal note. 2016 had bad and good stuff to it. It had both.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Mion Sam Neh Neeoos Neh Hurrah Hurrah Heedamooin

This song's called Mion Sam Neh Neeoos Neh Hurrah Hurrah Heedamooin. Again, I apologize for my perseveration on that repeating death-related theme. I actually did this song a while back but wasn't happy with certain parts, so re-recorded the parts I wasn't happy with. I dunno if I'm much happier with them, though. I guess this song's a bit dark, but it might be hard to tell because this is another one of those weird ones. No, but I mean, the reason these songs repeat certain things so much is cuz I wrote somewhat of a rock-opera thingy a little more'n a year ago, and the repeating theme is the main theme-thingy of the opera thingy. Or, like, if you turn the song around backwards, then you hear that main theme. Yesiree.

Like, the guys in the picture up there are the 2 main characters of the rock-opera-thingy. (But I didn't make them up).

Friday, December 16, 2016

Not Official Capacity

Here's this week's song. It's called Not Official Capacity because that's sorta what the backwards-guy sounds like he's saying. I'm trying to think of what genre of music this one reminds me of. I think it might be reminiscent of some sort of Celtic-Warrior-ish music. But I could foolin' myself on that one.

Weird Version of Asshole So

This is what last week's song sounds like if you play it backwards. Actually if you were to play last week's entry backwards, you'd find out the rhythm and vocal/keyboard/bass tracks aren't all the way sync'ed up. So I had to fuck around with the timing of the tracks, and move'em around relative to each other, in order to make it sound right.

I'm realizing that if people've been following this blog for a while, the description of last week's song might've been confusing  because I said Charlie meowed on it. And people who've been following this blog for a while might remember the entry where I said Charlie had died. Fortunately, I was able to record Baby Charlie meowing with my iPad video recorder thingy a few months before she passed. That's what I used for the meows.

Letsee here. So, like, this is the weird version of "What an Asshole You Got For a Dad." It's a song about a man who berates himself for dropping a cake. It's Herbie's cake.

The lyrics are:
What an asshole you got for a dad
He got sad cuz he dropped Herbie's cake
Can't forgive his stupid dumb mistake
And he knows that he drank too much gin
That explains the mess that he got in
What an asshole you got for a dad
He sees that it's gone

Friday, December 9, 2016

Weird Asshole Song

Here's another one of those weird songs. The drunk-guy-talking-backwards is the same one as last week. The song's got "asshole" in the title cuz the drunk guy thinks of himself as an asshole because he accidentally dropped a cake. I guess you can't tell from the song that that's the case. But I'm considering posting another version of the song next week that'll make all that stuff more clear, and stuff.

I apologize, again, for perseverating on that one theme; like usual, there's not much I can say about it, except that it has something to do with death.

I included a picture of the kitties because Baby Charlie (the one closest to the camera) is all cute and meows twice in the song.

Friday, December 2, 2016


This is a song with a drunk guy taking backwards in it. My ears at first heard this song as somewhat sacred sounding, so you could say it's a spiritual song written in the spirit of spirits.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Err Sreet Not (or That's Awesome)

I couldn't figure out whether to call this one Err Sreet Not or That's Awesome, cuz both of those phrases show up in the song. Or, like, the sample-dude sounds sort of like he's saying "That's Awesome" in places. But that might be a dumb title for a song, so maybe I should go with Err Sreet Not.

It's a little guitar-driven ditty, I guess you could say. I guess you could say that. I'm not sure what genre it reminds me of, but it reminds me of something. I'm not sure what, though. It's, like, some genre of female vocals and guitar-driven-ness. It's that genre, I guess you could say. But I dunno what it's called, or if it's an actual genre, for that matter.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Herb Shall We Sue a Foot

Whoops, that picture's a little lopsided there. Looks kinda like the prayer wheel is floating away.

Okay, wow, usually I just post stuff once a week, but this week is weird. I initially had reservations about posting this here song because the lead singer vocal part sounds like an animal in pain, in places, and I didn't know how that would sit with people. But the animal-in-pain nature of the vocals kind of goes with this week's recent events.

Crap, this is weird. Like, this is turning into the Stand with Standing Rock blog instead of a regular music blog, but I made a deal with myself that I can post as many Standing Rock posts as I want, as long as I include a song in each one. That way, I'm still conforming to the principles of this being a song blog.

But, yeah, after hearing about all these peaceful, unarmed people at Standing Rock getting doused with water cannons in sub-freezing weather, I had to do something about it. Made some phone calls today. All lines were busy at the White House (202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414), which might be a good sign, because I'm guessing lots of other people are making calls for the same reason as me. All lines were busy at the Morton Country Sheriff's dept (701-328-8118), too, but I left a VM.

Here's a link to Mark Ruffalo's Tumblr page. It's got this really good video on it of a man named Kendrick Eagle, asking President Obama to do something about this situation.

And here's the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's website, again, in case you wanna make a donation.

In short, I felt motivated to post a song today, where I sound like an animal in pain, cuz that's how I feel. This is 2016, and people're bein' brutalized by the powers that be, and when the hell-fuck-hell-fuck-hell are Native Americans gonna start being treated decently????????

But, yeah. at some point, this blog'll go back to its regularly scheduled programming; hopefully sooner rather than later, because that'll mean that this whole thing has been resolved peacefully, and the Sioux Tribe at Standing Rock are finally getting treated with the respect that they deserve.

Friday, November 18, 2016

A Ruh Moo Ah Hedah Hedah

Here's another one of those weird songs. My kitty, Miss Daisy, is in it toward the end. It's not a very long song. I'm trying to figure out what to say about this one. I cain't think of much to say, except that I really like Miss Daisy's meow toward the end.


Here's the link to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's website again, so you can donate to them if you want.

I keep on wanting to post things about this, but I'm never sure what to say, cuz I already said a bunch of stuff a few posts ago. It keeps on freaking me out, and bothering me, and tying my guts on knots, to know that Native American people, who've been getting screwed over (to put it mildly) for 500 years are still getting screwed over and treated like shit in the 21st century. But it looks like the assholes who are trying to stick in this poopy pipeline might be running outta time or something. Like, it's gonna no longer be profitable or something, if they cain't get their dumb pipeline installed by Jan 1st. I hope that happens - I mean, I hope they cain't get their poopy pipeline in there by then, that's what I mean.

It scares me cuz the powers-that-be, which includes the government and all the poopy corporate money powers are all banded together to be all greedy and mean and stupid. And the thing is: it's not like the government or the mainstream media or anyone hooked into this web of corruption even wants to pretend to act like they're all ethical. They're not even trying to hide it anymore, because they don't think we can do anything about it. And I dunno if they're right or wrong. But I'll do whatever I can, cuz fuck them, that's why. Fuck, I dunno what I wanna say. I dunno, man.

But, in any event, I'm kinda getting sick of the forces of evil winning all the time. I hope the good guys (the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, in this case) win this time around. I really hope so.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Nah Suh Duh Cessavie Doolb

Here's another one of those weird ones again. I couldn't figure out how to illustrate this song except to put a blue spirally thingy there. There's a wee bit of more of that perseveration on a theme I keep on doing. I feel kinda bad about all that perseveration. At some point, I might be all reveally and say what it's all about, but at the moment, I'm still bein' all private about the reasons for it (except to say it has something to do with death).

Fuck, I'm not sure what to say about this song. It's kind of sad and blue-colored. It kind of goes with my mood today. It's one of those sad-blue poopy days.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Stoned At The Whole Foods

This is a song about what it would be like to walk around a Whole Foods store all stoned. I just felt that a song about that had to be written. The world needed a song about being stoned and walking around Whole Foods. I'm guessing it would be pretty intense.


On an unrelated note, I'm still gut-wrenchingly sad about how the Water Protectors at Standing Rock, ND are getting brutalized. Argh. I still cain't believe this shit is happening in 21st Century America. So, again, here's a link to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe website, in case you want to make a donation to them.