Friday, April 3, 2009

Fake Mormon Hymns

Okay, I'll do the fake Mormon Hymns. I kind of wish in the last post that I coulda just said that it was my idea to come up with fake Mormon hymns, but that wouldn't be honest. It just wouldn't be honest. I've done this thing before where I try to predict what David Byrne's music will sound like before I listen to it. I actually decided not long ago to not do that again, but that sort of went out the window, cuz, you know I had these vivid pictures in my head o' what fake Mormon hymns might sound like.

Download Mormon1

Download Mormon2

Download Mormon3

The first one is the closest to what I imagined, although the theme is more general God-stuff and less about Mormonism in particular. The second one is more Mormon in particular in theme, but not very politically correct. The 3rd one is just a straight rock song (but again, thematically pretty Mormon-ish). Hah.


morsel music said...

No 1. entertained me.
No 2. enlightened me.
No 3. made me smile.

Fun work Becky, these are a great threesome! God must be in the air. Very amusingly, I have been suckered into playing bass for a moderate Christian "praise team" on Easter Sunday and the Sunday after. I had no idea rock/pop/God was such a giant industry. They even have software that coordinates their song with lyrics that show the congregation what to sing and when on a big multimedia screen. It's proving to be quite a hoot.

becky said...

Oh, wow, that sounds like fun! God-Rock-Quasi-Karaoke! Well, maybe not karaoke, per se, but the lyrics on the screen made me think of karaoke! Hah, that's cool we both that the God-Rock thing goin' on!

Christy said...

I really liked them all! They do sound like Mormon hymns! I really liked the first one, and then the second one made me laugh, with the Indians in their tents, and the third one made me pensive. I hope drinking beer doesn't keep one out of heaven, yes indeedy I do.

becky said...

Me, too, beer-wise. I really hope it don't keep me outta Heaven!