Friday, June 19, 2009

Something Else

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Yeah, so this is the 2nd recording of my first break-up song, and it was originally written in 1998. It was kind of fun, cuz in the original recording, I had a lot more fancy instruments (but not as good recording equipment). In this one, the instrumentation's more primitive, cuz I'm using my little Casio keyboard from 1984 and things I found around the house for percussion (a yogurt container with can lids in it, a notebook and a pen, and a drum made for little kids). It's fun to try to make something bigger than the sum of the parts you used to make it; I'm really gettin' into that these days. You know, trying to make something sound relatively sophisticated, but with sorta primitive instrumentation. I guess I'm doing that partly because I got instruments stored in different places all over the state cuz they won't all fit into the place where I live.

When I originally wrote this song, I was heavily influenced by Talking Heads; you can hear it in the lyrics, I think. Actually, I added some new lyrics/vocals to the bridge, which in the original version was only instrumental. gotta run!

The picture is just regular doodles, but it's in the colors I imagine when I hear the song.


KokoWorks said...

Especially like the percussion section!

jack raffin said...


hey kid, what´s up? i´m still kicking round overseas but had time record a bunch of stuff and after months o´ delay finally got it up on the blog.

i tried a bunch of times before to check out yr blog but a restricted access type deal kept coming up.

ah well, all good. if i wasn´t on a public computer without headphones i´d check out yr new songs.

...i´ll be back.

jack raffin said...

ah, also:

i might contract you to make that "something else" doodle/squiggle into some kinda awesome rug or blanket or sweater or all three.

jack raffin said...

...and i´m back. just quickly. really dig something else and many diamonds. been awhile since i heard yr music. always dig the unusual sounds and style yr stuff had. there´s something about those rhythms, that percussion.

alright, enough for now. a buddy of mine got me the new star trek movie on dvd since i missed at cinemas, so gotta go

becky said...

Hey KokoWorks: cool! The percussion was the funnest part cuz it was so makeshift.

Jack: cool! Glad you're back; I'll definitely give your tracks a listen!