Friday, February 20, 2009

Poopy Poopy World Poops

Download Comet

Here's a picture, but it's not exactly how I'd imagined it, but it's hard to draw things that look like how you imagine 'em. I'm not sure if I like the song that much, it might sound too much like other songs-n-stuff.

Do I wanna make this dumb blog public again? I dunno, man. It's so hard, when you put yourself out there and dunno what yer gonna meet up with. How do you get your creative poopy stuff out to the world, but protect yourself, too? Maybe there's no way to do it. Maybe if you wanna be an artist and get your crap to the world, you gotta throw yourself into the abyss, and the like. It seems to wear people out when they do that, like Mozart and how he died all young and stuff. And Jim Morrison. You gotta have the disposition of a cop to be able to do this stuff and not cause some serious fucking damage to yourself. What a stupid world. No wonder I blow it up with a comet in this song.


Elaine said...

Love it, especially the background vox and change up from the beginning. Funny i have your songs in my playlist, yes indeed, and comet went right into cpn picard, a good mix! :)

rbuchanan said...

I like the comet song, and the picture - the picture is kind of Beatles-ish. Maybe the trick to getting your art out there is to just put it out there and then completely ignore what anybody says about. Except then you wouldn't get nice comments, either. Tricky.

becky said...

Cool, thanks, guys! I may make this thing public at some pointtttttttt again. Thin skinned me, yesiree. My mood'll probly change and then the world'll be able to access this and record company executives'll see it and think, wow, this girl is really cool, and they'll sign me on as a record deal, and I'll be rich, and I'll buy all the undeveloped land in Nipomo and keep all those evil bastard land developers OUT! Yes, indeed, someday this blog will save the trees.

Christy said...

Wow, I love this one! I like how it changes tempo and I really like the sweet, wistful first part - excuse the comparison, but it sounds a li'l like the Beatles, in the best possible way. yay, I'm feeling better and catching up on yer songblog! hoosies!