Saturday, May 2, 2015

Requiem for a Busted Windshield

A really cool person I know (his name is Kenny) happened to be outside when it was really windy. (Check out his blog: Kenny's Korner). Something odd and peculiar happened; the wind, as it was blowing around telephone poles and such, started making these sounds, as if there were human voices singing and flutes playing. Kenny happened to have his smart phone handy and recorded the wind sounds.

He very graciously sent me a couple of the wind recordings so I could play around with 'em and maybe make some music outta them.

Weirdly enough, this was the very same week that a big rock smacked into my windshield and did enuff damage that I had to get a new windshield. I felt really bad for the old one cuz it died, protecting me and my kitties, who were also inside the car. I was all sad and realized it would be nice to write a requiem song for my busted windshield.

My conscious mind is really slow on the uptake. I kept thinking, what does a busted WINDshield have to do with spirits, talking on the WIND? Duh. Wind, wind, wind, wind, wind.