Thursday, May 25, 2017

I'll Be In Tomorrow

(Update: the mix I originally posted of this song sounded like ass, so I just replaced it with a different mix.)

This is the front-wards version of last week's song. Just to refresh y'all, I'm writin' a rock opera thingy about this character in the movie, Skins, who dies at the beginning of the movie. Most of the story I'm writin' is all made up; it's, like, I'm guessing what happens to the character (his name is Corky) in the afterlife. (In the movie, you just see him dead - you don't see anything about him being in the afterlife).

In this song, Corky's trying to communicate to this character named Rudy, who is debating whether or not he wants to go to work the next day. In the song, Corky tries to get him to go to work because his mom's house is on the way to Rudy's work, and Corky wants to get him to stop by and cheer up his mom, cuz his mom's all sad and stuff.

This song sorta demonstrates how when spirits communicate with living beings, often the living beings confuse the messages from the spirits for their own thoughts. As such, Rudy thinks he's deciding to go to work, when really it's Corky telling him to go to work.

I mean, Rudy doesn't stop by Corky's mom's house in the movie (although he could have). This is a song about something I made up in my head. This is probably one of the weirder albums I've done, in that I'm making up stuff that could have happened behind the scenes of an actual movie.

One thing I like about this track is that it starts with me saying "shut up," and it's all in tune with the song, so it sounds like I'm singing it. I'm saying shut up cuz there's this annoying dog that lives downstairs, and sometimes his dumb barks end up on my vocal tracks. So I was sayin' shut up cuz that dog was barking before I hit "record."

Oops - I forgot to post the version where I take last week's song and play it backwards when I posted this yesterday. Here it is!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Reepasid / Singing Yard

Here's the backwards version of the song I'm planning on posting next week. It's kind of wild when some of the words of these backwards tunes turn out to be in English. My favorite line from this one is: "Eat slowly - we take care with singing yard." Ha ha ha.  But, now that I think about it, it is good advice to eat slowly, and to take care with a singing yard. I mean, if a yard was gonna sing to you, it would be a good idea to take care of yourself, while you listened to it sing.

Friday, May 12, 2017


This is the forwards-version of the song from last week. I'm posting 2 mixes, cuz "SUPERMKT" sounds good in headphones and on these little speakers I have; but it sounds like ass on my car stereo. The second mix - well, I dunno how it sounds on my car stereo, but it sounds like ass in my headphones.

Anyway, this is the song that sorta establishes the milieu of this rock opera/death-album thingy. The main character, Corky, he works at a supermarket, and he likes workin' there. He also likes to smoke lots of weed.

When I listened to the song after recording it, I realized in retrospect, that out of context, it might sound like it's making fun of people who work at supermarkets. I would be a real jerk if I wrote a song like that. I'd go to hell when I died, if I wrote a song making fun of people who work at supermarkets - so I just wanted to provide that bit o' clarification, so that people wouldn't misinterpret this here song.

Nope, it's just a song about a dude who works at a supermarket and he likes working there, an he also likes smoking weed.  (That's his voice, saying "find everything okay?")

This is last week's song when you turn it around backwards. Yesiree.

Friday, May 5, 2017


This is another backwards version of a song from that new death album I'm working on. In this case, I took a sample of a weird sounding drone-y thing from this soundtrack Linkin Park did called Mall. And then there's a sample of the main character of that very same death-album I'm workin' on, talking. He's just talking about regular stuff. But it's all backwards. Next week, I'll post the forwards version of this very same song.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

What'Ja Stop By For/Spirit of the Bottle

Alrighty, this week's song is what last week's song would sound like if you performed it backwards. Like, it's another one of those songs in the new death-album I'm working on. I'm finding that it's easier for me to get my nerves up to publish these songs if I perform 'em backwards first and post the backwards versions first.

In this song, Corky, that kid who got killed, he's in the spirit world, and he's, like, trying to communicate with people in the land of the living. See, there's this drunk guy, (the one in the sample who sez "what'ja stop by for?") He's just this regular old drunk guy. And, well, y'know how some people think there're spirits in alcoholic beverages? Which is why they're called "spirits?" Y'know? Well, Corky decides to pretend to be one of those alcohol-spirits in an attempt to communicate with Verdell (that's the name of the drunk guy).

Oh, yeah, and here's last week's song, if you literally turn it around backwards. I cain't recall if I had to cheat an mess around the timing to make the tracks sync up or not. Nope, cain't remember.

Friday, April 21, 2017


 In honor of yesterday, which was 420-day, here's a song called Oregano. Cuz, y'know, sometimes people get oregano and pot mixed up. Next week, I'll post the song that this one sounds like when you turn it backwards.

 ...and oh, heck, I mean to post this one last week. It's the song from week-before-last, when you turn it around. (Which ends up being a weird version of last week's song). Sorry 'bout the bridge, though. I sorta messed that up, cuz it was all perfect, but when I messed with the timing of the vocal/guitar/bass tracks to make 'em match up with the rhythm, the bridge vocals got all outta sync.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Corky Red Tail's Death Song

Alrighty, I got my nerve up to post this here song. (It's the forwards version of last week's song). It's another one of those songs from the new Rock Opera/Death Album that I'm workin' on.

Basically, the synopsis is: there's this character named Corky Red Tail who dies in the beginning of the movie, Skins. This rock opera-thingy basically follows the dude into the afterlife (which ain't covered in the movie, itself). It's all about poor Corky's adventures in the afterlife and all that.

Basically, in this song, Corky got killed so fast that he didn't have time to sing his Death Song.

I learned about death songs from reading Louise Erdrich, who sez Ojibwe people have death songs - songs you're supposed to sing right before you die. A death song is sorta like a calling card so folks in the spirit world know you're comin'. (I hope I said that accurately). Anyway, Corky, well, he's Sioux and not Ojibwe, but I'm almost certain that Sioux people have death songs, too. (Or at least I've heard of Sioux people singing death songs).

Anyway, Corky gets to the spirit world and is all bummed out that he didn't get to sing his death song before he died. But then he realizes the spirits can hear him just fine, so he decides to sing it. The last part of the song is his death song. Cool-beans.

Friday, April 7, 2017


This is another one of those backwards songs, but in this case, I haven't published the forwards one yet. That's cuz I got all attached to it, and I thought I'd get all sad if I posted it and nobody liked it. So I recorded the backwards version of it today so I could get it sorta out there. I'll probably publish the forwards version next week, cuz maybe having the backwards version already out there'll help me get my nerves up, and all that. In this case, the backwards version has a more liturgical feel to it than the forwards version. Yesiree. This here backwards song has kind of a dark ending, but that's cuz the original one has a dark beginning.

Thursday, March 30, 2017


This is last week's song, but backwards; this is another one of those ones where the mood of the backwards one is different than the mood of the forwards one. The forwards one, to me, sounds more minor and has more of an edge to it, whereas this one is more major and less edgy-sounding. It sounds like easy-listening. Y'know, like something your grandparents might like. (Well, maybe not).

 Then this is how it sounds when you turn it around. (I had to cheat again and move the vocal/guitar/bass tracks a wee bit to make 'em match up with the rhythm tracks.

The lyrics are:

Wait, someone killed me, I am dead
This sucks, I am dead
Why did they kill me? I am dead
This sucks, I am dead

They didn't have to do that

I was just looking for some weed
And for my friends that look like me
But, instead, it was those mean guys
Kicked me until I finally died

They didn't have to do that

Oh shit, oh shit, Corky

They didn't have to do that

Friday, March 24, 2017

I Am Dead

Whoops, the shadowy thing at the top of the picture is supposed to be a dead body. It looks more like a weird sausage dog or something.

This week's song is in English. It's, like, one of the songs in the new rock opera thingy I'm writing. I've actually written 4 other songs for it, but I'm too shy to share those ones at the moment. This is a story about a boy named Corky who gets killed and ends up in the spirit world. (It's another of those rock operas that employs samples from the movie, Skins). (I'll say more about what this opera-thingy is about later).

Anyway, this is kinda a hard rock-ish song cuz it expresses the frustration of this poor Corky dude. He's frustrated cuz he got killed and he knows it wasn't necessary to get killed and be all dead and stuff.

Stay tuned for next week's song, cuz it'll be the backwards version of this one. It's Jim-dandy.

Friday, March 17, 2017

CakeNack/ Weird Banjo Song

Well, fuck, Jesus is supposed to be looking to the left, but the picture got all dumb and rotated. Just pretend Jesus is looking to the left (and not looking up at the ceiling).

This is the backwards version of "She Had A Banjo," which I originally published in the summer of 2015 ( BANJO001 ) Hmm, I think it's maybe more solemn sounding than the forwards version, which is kinda bluegrassy.

Here's what it sounds like when you turn it around. Yay.

The lyrics are:

She had a banjo and it did her good

Jesus was listening and he held his breath
He knew the banjo would save her from her death

She had a banjo and it did her good

Jesus was worried and he could not tell
If she's in Heaven or somewhere south of Hell

She had a banjo and it did her good

(I kinda fucked up a little, in that the vocals are, like, 4 beats behind the guitar (I think) in the weird version. That also gives it somewhat of more of a solemn flavor than the original one).

Thursday, March 9, 2017

So Muh Gramma Munuh Miss Uh Everybody Eat A Sofa-Sequin

This is one of those weird backwards songs again. The only reason I have a piano in the illustration is that the original song:  Supposed to be a direct dsc makes me think of a piano. (That one's called: He's Supposed To Be a Direct Descendant of American Horse).  It doesn't have an actual piano in it, but it makes me think of a piano. There's no particular reason for that, I don't think. The melody formed by the dude talking makes me think of Mozart, though, and Mozart makes me think of pianos, so that's probably why.

Here's how the SOFASEQN song sounds when you turn it around backwards. Weird american horse
 Again, I apologize for not getting the enunciation of the words all perfect, but at least you can tell what the lyrics are when you listen to Supposed to be a direct dsc .

Edit: Oh, crap, there's a lyric in the backwards song that has the word "fnag" in it. It might sound, on accident, like I'm saying "fag," but I'd never use that word. No, that's a horrible word I'd never use, so I just wanted to say that, in case anyone heard it and thought I was being mean by using that word. I'd never use it unless I was referring to a stick, which is the original usage of that word. 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Backwards Assholedadsong Reprise

Here's the backwards version of last week's song (thankfully sans the buzzing sound). 

Here's what it sounds like if you turn it around. Again, I had to mess with the timing to sync up the vocal/guitar/bass stuff with the rhythm stuff. Also, the sample of the dude talking is throughout this version of it, unlike last week's where he comes in during the grand finale-ish part, if you wanna call it that. 

The words are:
He don't like the feeling/ when he made a bigger mistake/ he don't like the feeling/ of dropping his kid's birthday cake
What An
Herbie ain't too happy/ but it's not the reason you think/ he got really worried/ that his dad got drowned in the drink
What an asshole you got for a dad
We don't know his story/ we don't know why he got wasted/ and he dropped the cake be/fore it could be ever tasted
What an asshole you got for a dad
He sees that it's gone

I must emphasize, this song ain't actually about the dad bein' an asshole. It's about the dad beating up on himself cuz he thinks he's an asshole (but he's not). (Or, at least, I don't think he is, anyway).

Friday, February 24, 2017

Reprise of What An Asshole You Got For A Dad

This week's song is in English, yesiree. It's actually a reprise of the "What An Asshole You Got for a Dad" song. It looks even deeper into the psychology of the dude who drops his son, Herbie's cake. And it looks at what's going through Herbie's head, as well. And it's got, yet again, that death-related theme that keeps on recurring, and all that. Stay tuned for next week's song, cuz it'll be the backwards version of it.

Oh, and, fuck; there's this annoying buzz that showed up on the vocal tracks. I couldn't figure out how to not make my recorder make that buzzing sound; sometimes that dumb sound just shows up. Sorry about that. Poopity poops.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Wuh Guh Sri / Years Ago


This song's called "Wuh Guh Sri," which is the backwards version of "Years Ago," which I think I posted about a year ago. When I initially heard it, I wondered if it sounded kind of like Arcade Fire. But I dunno; I might be foolin' myself.

I turned it around backwards, and this time around, I didn't manipulate the timing of the tracks, relative to each other, because it worked out this way. But the weird thing is, the timing is off, such that it makes this version sound all upbeat, whereas the original song sounds all heavy and stuff.

Here are the lyrics:

Fell asleep at the wheel/ that's when time was a meal
Years Ago
Fell asleep in my dress/ stupid, sad scary mess
Years Ago
He sees that it's gone
Woke up when it was bed/ feeling blind and half dead
Years Ago
He sees that it's gone

Yup, yesiree. I'm repeating that death-related theme again - y'know, the one where I cain't really tell people about why it keeps on repeating like this. I dunno. Maybe the tradition I'm borrowing from would say it's okay to 'splain yourself. But I'm not sure.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Eh Pobisseray

This song is weird, in the sense that the backwards version has a different mood than the forwards version. Or, like, this here is the backwards version, and it sounds more major than the forwards version, which sounds more minor. The forwards version is a teeny tiny bit on the dark side, and this backwards version sounds almost celebratory. Although the words "eh pobisseray" are almost a little ominous sounding. 

Technically speaking, the guy with the mustache actually just has a receding hairline, rather than male pattern baldness, per se. However, I drew him as a pattern-baldness guy because it's easier to draw bald men than men with hair.


Dude, I'm reposting the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe link again, in case you want to give 'em any money. Here's why: it looks like that fucking fucking fucking fucking damn pipeline is gonna be built. So here's the link, so you can give 'em money so they can buy bottled water when their water source gets contaminated.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Fear With Goat

This song is called "Fear With Goat." This one's got a lot of tritones in it because that one dude talking has tritones in his speech stream. Or, no, I guess it's just one tritone, now that I think of it. Tritones are weird.

Here's what it sounds like if you play it backwards. (Um, well, I cheated again and changed the timing of the vocal/guitar/bass/keyboard tracks, relative to the rhythm/sampled-dude tracks. Y'know, so they'll all match up, time-wise, and all that.)

It's actually a weird version of I dont talk to NDNs, which I originally posted back in 2015 at some point.

The lyrics are something along the lines of:

Were human things/we're human things/ what do we think we are?
Were human things/we're human things/ what do we think we are?
Were human things/we're human things/ what do we think we are?
Were human things/we're human things/ what do we think we are?

We're stupid things/ we're stupid things/ God, what have we done?
We're stupid things/ we're stupid things/ God, what have we done?
Were human things/we're human things/ what do we think we are?
Were human things/we're human things/ what do we think we are?

Someone said we're from another planet and they think we're dumb
And that we should go away so they can have fun
Were human things/we're human things/ what do we think we are?
Were human things/we're human things/ what do we think we are?


Edit: um, yeah, I wasn't as accurate on the syllables of the words as I wanted to be. Poopity poop. I'm not sure why some songs are easier to figure out than others. Fart.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Two Versions of Time Goes With It

Time Goes With It Weird

Oh, my stars, I just realized that I'd never posted the original, forward-facing version of the Pweetnyath song (the song from 1-6-17: PWETNYAT). The original one is called Time Goes With It, and it was written sometime in 2015. When I took the samples of the 2 dudes talking, the mustache-guy was saying "would you like some turpentine to go with it?" But if you lop off the "would you like some turp," you end up with something that sounds like "time go with it," which formed the basis of that original song.

Then, the song called "Time Goes With It Weird," is what that "Pweetnyath" song sounds like when you play it backwards.  Actually, I cheated a little when I mixed down the Pweetnyath" song, in that I cut out the vocal part in the bridge that translates to "he sees that it's gone" when you turn it around. I did that cuz it sounded all dumb and out of sync with everything else. But it works okay when you turn it around and make it into the weird version of Time Goes With It.

Crap, I hope all this isn't all confusing. Sometimes I have trouble describing backwards versions of forwards songs and backwards versions of backwards songs, which are actually just weird versions of forwards songs.

Oh, yeah, and crap. Oh, fuck. There's yet more bullshit going on with that dumb pipeline, so if you wanna donate to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, here's the link again:

Friday, January 20, 2017

Ear Menner Singing Fear Fat

Here's this week's song. As I promised last week, this week's song is the backwards version of last week's song. I think, in this case, the backwards version is kinda similar, mood-wise, to the original one, but maybe slightly less depressing cuz it's got an almost sacred feel to it.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Everything Is In Between

Oh, my, this week's song is in English. I was initially a little bummed out cuz the lyrics sounded too general to me. (Or, you know, not about something specific, like I usually like to do). But it actually turned out to be a pretty good portrayal of depression. Or maybe it's more like a song about how depressing the world is. That might be what it is.

Stay tuned for next week's song, cuz it'll be the backwards version of this week's song. I actually like the performance in the backwards one a wee bit better. Yesiree.

Friday, January 6, 2017


This song's called Pweetnyath. It's another weird, backwards version of a song from that rock opera I did about a year ago. Or, wow, more than a year ago now. I'm old. This is one of those songs where the mood of the forwards version of it and the backwards version are kind of the same. (That's not always the case). I'll have to play the turned-around version for you at some point. The "they wouldn't ask you" guy is a really minor character. That's why this is the first time there's been a picture of him on here.