Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Diamond Commentary

What I'm thinkin' this song's about is how we're in this relatively affluent society, and many of us have more than we need, but we're all becoming more and more unhappy, and the like.
But, sometimes I'm hesitant to add commentary to a song, cuz, like, I want people to figure out what it means to them. But I add commentary, anyway, cuz I like to blather on about stuff.


KokoWorks said...

formerly known as (morselmusic)... i like the use of drum machine with big sound, reminds me of 80's type of drumkit sound which you don't hear much of anymore. Your seniments are spot on! Nothing to do but collect many diamonds, I know some people like that. I may even be related to them!

becky said...

Thanks, man! Yeah, I feel kind of proud of those drums; they're actually home made electronic drums. I took real drums, as well as the drum sound on my little 1984Casio keyboard and layered them together and made a loop on Sound Edit. I dunno if you wanted to hear all those details but there it is!