Saturday, February 19, 2011

Elevator To Hell

Download Elevator to hell

I initially started writing this song way, wayyy, wayyyyyyyyy back in 1993. The thing is, it sounded nothing like how it sounds now, cuz I forgot what it sounded like. At the time, I was going for that shoe-gazing variety of music that some people tended to like so much back then.

So, I re-did it, with sort of a nice, liturgical sound to it. The song's about an elevator that takes you to Hell, and it ain't very clear just how nice, or not-nice, it is to be takin' this elevator that goes to Hell. Well, actually, it doesn's seem all that bad, now that I think of it. It's sort of a Heavenly version of Hell. Really, I should stop blathering now.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Download Broken violin

This song is 13 years old, oh dear lord. 13 years, and it seems like yesterday that I wrote this here song. Actually I have no memory of writing or recording this song in its original incarnation, 13 years ago. But I randomly found it on a tape about a year and a half ago, and thought, wow, I like this song, but I don't like the vocals in the recording. So I re-recorded it today, just for kicks. I mean, I kinda like the old vocals because I sang with some conviction, but it sounded to much like I was trying to sound like David Byrne.

It's a song about a dude, who's kinda lonely, and he cain't find his violin. It's broken. It's a very sad (but upbeat) song.