Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Collapsed Commentary

Download Capnpicarddreams I want the thing

I realize the description of how I wrote this song is really confusing. Poop. It's basically, the first line of this song is something I rejected previously, but then I decided to take it and make it into a song. There.

I've had 2 dreams about Cap'n Picard bein' my boyfriend, or at least a boyfriendish character. Wouldn't it be nice to have dreams like that every day? He's got such a sexy bald head.

I gotta apologize to my bass player buddies for not havin' a real bass in this song; when I went up north for my break, I FORGOT to bring my bass with me, so I had to use the thingy on my digital recorder that converts regular guitar to bass. So, that's why it sounds kinda weird.


Christy said...

I like this one too - maybe I heard it before? I think it's really catchy. I listened to it a coupla times and found myself hummin' along. cool!

becky said...

Coolio, man! Hmmm, you may have heard it before, I'm tryin' to think if it was ever in my stereo at the same time that you were in my car, hmmmmm. Or, maybe it is similar to other stuff I've done or something out there or something. Cool.

rbuchanan said...

Yeah, I like it, too. And it's a nice image, as well. Would be nice to have those dreams every night, or at least often. :-)

becky said...

Yeah, I know, too bad I only had 2 of them in my life! Argh, I need more Picard!