Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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I wrote the first Timmy and Bobby song after a disappointing experience with a Shaman. Sometimes I feel disappointed by people who say "everything will be just fine, there's no reason to be sad, BE HAPPY." I guess they have good intentions, but they're full of shit.

Then there's Timmy and Bobby, who also are like that, all optimistic and thinkin' everything is wonderful and gonna be wonderful, and they have really good intentions. I really like Timmy and Bobby, cuz they're like Ernie and Bert, sort of. They're sweet and innocent. Maybe they'll never be exposed all-the-way to the poopiness of the world, but I'm not sure. I wanna protect them from it, so they can keep on being all optimistic, but at the same time, wow, in one of the later songs, some bad stuff may happen to them (I can't really tell). But even if bad stuff happens, they still retain their sweet innocence. That one'll be next week. Then again, maybe I'm wrong, and I'm interpreting the lyrics wrongly.


Christy said...

I like 'em! I like Timmy and Bobby! I am invested in finding out what happens to them. Those songs are sweet and sad/dark/wistful. Nice! I hope they're gonna be okay!

becky said...

Yeah, they're gonna be okay (not to spoil it or anything). Truth be told, I'm not entirely sure what happens in that 3rd song cuz it's a little abstract, but T & B are okay and they retain that sweet innocence. See, that's the thing, I got real attached to T & B, so I couldn't make anything bad happen to 'em, y'know.