Friday, August 8, 2014

The Adventures of Jesus and Chief Running Dog!!!!!!!!

Oh, say. You must go and check out this new comic book! It's by my dear friend, Dr. Daisy Charles.

Where Did The Flowers Go?

It's hard to read the words in the picture cuz it's so small. It says "Stories from Grandpa," and Grandpa is saying: "Lemme tell you some stories!!!"

Oh, whoops, I added that picture 3 times. Not that the picture really goes with the song, except for the fact that there's a Grandpa character in the song.

Okay, so I wrote this song in 2003 - geez, man, it's an 11 year old song! Crap, I'm old. There were parts of the old recording that I didn't like, so I decided to do a re-recording. I like this recording much better'n the old one. I was attempting to do a Latin rhythm, but with kick-ass 'lectronic drums instead of Latin percussion just to see what it would sound like.

Some of you may say, wait a second. Isn't this a rip-off of an old folk song? ("Where did all the flowers go?"). I guess you could say that. But I sorta don't care because...well, I'm not really sure why I don't care. But the "where did the flowers go" part came from a dream, and I tend to be loyal to those dream-songs that come to me. So, if it bugs people that this song bears some resemblance to another song, I guess that's okay, cuz they don't have to listen to it.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Halfway To Heaven

Here's a song about God talking to a person through a can of beer. Whoops, I just realized I drew the picture as a bottle. Oh, well.

I'd initially written it as a depressing-ass song, but as I was recording it today, it sounded like shit, so I changed it up. Now it's an up-beat-ish country song.

I can't remember how I came up with the idea for this song. But if God were to come along and tell someone they were half-way to Heaven, talking through a can of beer is as good as any other way, I guess. I guess so. Yesiree.