Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Go to Hell, Breathe, Fuck You

Download 21 Track 21

The song's supposed to be called Go to Hell, Breathe, Fuck You, but some computer malfunction is determining that it be called 21 track 21. Hmm. I wrote this way back in 2001 and this recording is from then, too. I got the chorus of the song from a dream (the chorus was just playing by itself in the dream). The verse I wrote in waking life, but it's what the dream was about.

I'm gonna stop doing this for a while. Bye.


jack raffin said...

hell yeah.

haha, cool. great menacing rhythm.

also: cool bass

also also: dream songs are awesome. i have a song called owl in my hair. and i'm working on a new version, the dream version, in which i dreamt i was in a recording session telling john lennon how to play the song. but the chords were all different. i'm trying to adapt it to waking life. it sounds bizarre. hahahaha, i'm with luis buñuel in that i think i prefer to live in dreams than in "real" life.


Kenny P. said...

It's plodding, yet manic at the same time! And, the profanity provided a nice contrast to the drawing I'm doing at the moment (a group of chairs and sofas with lace doilies on which a group of knitting old ladies are seated!)

My word verification word is "topsisa." You are, indeed, a top sister. The tops!

KokoWorks said...

Captures a sentiment that we've all felt from time to time, good on you!
Have a great break, do let us know when you're back to posting.

jack raffin said...

hahahaha, wow. far out, kenny... topsisa???

coincidence or cosmos, you decide.

becky said...

Hi guys!

Wow, thanks for the comments!

Jack: Cool - owl in my hair, very nice. Most of the time, I prefer dreams to real life, too! Oh yeah!

Kenny: Hah, cool word verification thingy. I suppose the knitting old ladies could be using profanity while they knit, hah.

Kokoworks: Thanks! That's true, I think it's a pretty universal sentiment! I'll be back to posting pretty soon (after I get all settled in)!