Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh My

I did some recordings this past weekend, and one might be too dark/shocking, etc. to post, although I sort of feel like it's fairly benign, but it could easily be taken as having shock-value (which I'm not really into).

The other one, oh my. Goodness me. Well, okay. I put the word, "sovereignity" in it, only realizing later that "sovereignity" ain't a word. No, the word is "sovereignty." But "sovereignty" doesn't have enough syllables, and I hadn't really thought about it. I'd just sort of recorded the song, not realizing that "sovereignity" ain't a word. I realized it wasn't a word when I spelled out the title of the song (which has the word "sovereignity" in it) and thought, "wow, that doesn't look right." Fuckity fuck.

Now I'm not sure what to do, whether to post it here or not, because I like the song just fine. Indeed, it's a half-way decent song for being in the middle of a writer's block, but, like, I'm really embarassed about having a not-real-word in it. I could just make excuses and say that I MEANT it to be that way, cuz it sounds sort of like "serenity." Sort of like "sovereign serenity." Indeed, as I'm learning about Lacan and his wild theories, I'd guess that he'd say that there WAS some meaning to the use of the word "sovereignity," because mispronunciations and slips of the tongue are an indication that some o' your unconscious contents are slippin' through. So, I could just say, ah, yes, well, then. In my professorly wisdom, I say that "sovereignity" DOES have a meaning. (I almost typed DIES instead of DOES) (another Freudian slip there).

I will think on it some. I don't know if I'll post it or not. Part of me wants to re-record it cuz I'm so embarassed, but another part sez it'll sound stupid because it's the wrong number (I originally typed "dumber") of syllables. (Dumber, yes, that's a very good Freudian slip there).

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