Tuesday, June 9, 2009

There We Are - Stupid Just Like You

Download Stupid just like you

Here's my song for this week. It's a genre that, hmm. I guess I've sorta been writing in this genre for a while, kind of. Kind of, but not all the way, sort of. It's, like, a genre I've been approximating, but I think it's even moreso for this song. Sort of a, I don't know. I guess you can be the judge of the genre, but it's a genre that I've been wanting to write in for a while. Like, I'll hear songs at the beginnings of movies or in movie previews, and I think, wow, I wanna write in that pseudo-Celtic, punky variety o' female vocal rock shtuff genre.

I think the Twilight series may have influenced this number a wee bit, but the song ain't about vampires, though. It's just a nice song about dysfunctional relationships, with a teeny tiny bit of Lacanian psychoanalytic theory thrown in (but it would be hard to tell about that last part unless you've read up on it some.)


KokoWorks said...

Very pop! I like to see what iTunes offers up in terms of placing your songs back to back and the very next song that came on after this one was "tandb5" which starts right into vampire lyrics. Neat!

becky said...

Oh, wow, that's cool about the vampire lyrics song starting right after this one. Cool. iTunes knew that twilight inspired that song! Hah!