Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Knife in the Side

Download Knife in side3

There we go, I'm doing this instead of working, ha ha ha. Work is so fucked up right now, I don't really see the point of working-poops. This song is based on a true story; the real person it happened to got stabbed in the back, though (don't worry, he lived). But, "knife in the side" sounds nicer than "knife in the back." It just sort of had a nice ring to it.

I wrote this song way back during my Dartmouth days (although I re-worked the bridge a little, last weekend when I recorded it). I had done 2 recordings of it (as well as the original jam session it came from) but was never happy with any of the recordings. In the first, the vocals sucked and some of the lyrics were pretentious. In the second, the bass line was pretentious. I think I like this one, though. I kind of wish I had the original jam session recording, but it may have ended up with my ex-boyfriend. We'd had some nice things to smoke that night.


Christy said...

This song sounds nice and melodious! and the harmonies are nice! I just had a glass of wine.

becky said...

I could see wine going good with that song (oh, wait, I already tried that!)!

morsel music said...

Nice tempo and feeling to this song, I really like how you present the sentiment too. Worth the wait! I wish I were drinking wine...soon, soon.

becky said...

Thanks! Gladja like it! I could use some wine right now, as it turns out, but I gotta wait a while (8:45 am is a little on the early side, ha ha ha!)