Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Alcoholic Summer Surprise

Download Alcoholic summer surprise3

I started writing this song way, way, wayyyyy back in 1997, oh dear lord, I'm old. I was jammin' with this quasi-band I was in at Dartmouth, and I came up with the chorus. At the time, the verses were mumbled spoken word stuff. I wrote new verses this weekend, and I'm happy with how they came out. Next week's song is Alcoholic Barbie Doll. I like songs with the word "alcoholic" in them.


jack raffin said...

haha, damn this track's real cool.

double damn. i did a song called 20 something in the 90s, specifically, to some extent, because i wanted to include the line: i´m gonna make independent movies and use becky's homemade songs as the soundtrack. i ended up using a different take of the vocals, but whatever.

anyway. keep them songs coming.

becky said...

thanks, man!