Friday, June 30, 2017

No As a Matter of Fact He Did Not

Here's the forwards version of last week's song. It's actually the general introduction to the rock opera/death-album thingy I'm working on. The sampled guys are the police chief dude asking Rudy if Corky hung around with trouble makers (this is cuz they're trying to figure out who murdered Corky).

The person singing is good old Corky. Like, he's singing about how nice it would be to go to a place with certain characteristics (singing cats and people smoking pot). Then he alludes to how later on he dies and actually does go that place (the spirit world/Heaven/the afterlife).

I got this one from a dream; a lot of these album songs are from dreams. That's why the lyrics are kinda weird ("I'd like to be a place" rather than "I'd like to be in a place"). But I thought the dream lyrics sounded cool cuz they were dream-like.

I'll get back to you either next week or the week after with the weird version of this song (the backwards one turned around). I need to do that thingy where I sync up the vocal/guitar/bass tracks with the rhythm ones. I forgot to do that, and then I turned off the computer I do that on. Poop.

(For new comers to this here blog - this rock opera thingy is derived from the movie, Skins - it follows this dude who died into the afterlife). (There's a better description a few entries ago).

Friday, June 23, 2017

Ton Did Eat Caffert Amazoin

This here song is the backwards version of the first song on the death album thingy I'm working on. The forwards version of this song makes me think of a sunrise, so that's why there's that picture there. I wanted it to have those pretty sunrise types of colors, but my drawling program doesn't have those colors.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Help Me Blow The Nose Off George Washington At Rushmore

Oh, dear, how do I explain this one? In the rock opera/death-album thingy I'm working on, Corky and Verdell, up in Heaven, are trying to communicate with Mogie, who's Verdell's best friend. (Mogie's still alive at this point). They're trying to tell Mogie to vandalize the giant George Washington statue at Mount Rushmore. Like, they just want him to paint something weird on his face (you'll find out what it is at the end). But Mogie mis-interprets the message and thinks it's about blowing off George Washington's nose with dynamite or something like that.

Let'see here...the first part of the song is from Mogie's point of view, and the second is Corky talkin' to Mogie. Like, Mogie wants to know what spirit is talking to him, and then Corky answers by singing his death-song.

I thought my performance sucked in the backwards version, so I'm gonna go ahead and post it here along with the forwards version. That way, you don't have to hear something that sucks all by itself, and have nothing else to go with it.

 This is what the backwards one sounds like when it's turned around (although I had to mess with the timing of the rhythm track, relative to the rest of 'em to make it match up).

Friday, June 9, 2017

Verdell's Song

Here's the next song from that weird rock opera/death-album thingy I'm working on. This one's from the point of view of that character, Verdell, who was the drunk guy in "Spirit of the Bottle." When old Verdell dies and goes to Heaven (or the afterlife or whatever you wanna call it), and he tells Corky all about his life. He admits that the first time he took a drink, he immediately fell into alcoholism and it screwed up his life.

Weird Verdell's Song

Heres's last week's song when you play it backwards.

Friday, June 2, 2017



This is the backwards version of next week's song. My favorite part is the part with the meows in it. I think this song has a more Germanic Oom-Pah-Pah feel to it than the forwards one. But I might be wrong about that.