Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Collapsed Commentary

Download Capnpicarddreams I want the thing

I realize the description of how I wrote this song is really confusing. Poop. It's basically, the first line of this song is something I rejected previously, but then I decided to take it and make it into a song. There.

I've had 2 dreams about Cap'n Picard bein' my boyfriend, or at least a boyfriendish character. Wouldn't it be nice to have dreams like that every day? He's got such a sexy bald head.

I gotta apologize to my bass player buddies for not havin' a real bass in this song; when I went up north for my break, I FORGOT to bring my bass with me, so I had to use the thingy on my digital recorder that converts regular guitar to bass. So, that's why it sounds kinda weird.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Captain Picard Is My Boyfriend In My Dreams

Download Capnpicarddreams I want the thing

This was a song I recorded over Christmas break. I was sort of in the middle of my writer's block during it. I may be back in one, but we'll see. This song is about how Cap'n Picard is my boyfriend in dreams. But, you know, it talks about his experience from the point of view of a TV character. TV characters never go to the bathroom. There're other things people on TV never do, too. I don't know if they ever screw in lightbulbs.

See, I'd done this recordin', where, wow, this was way back in 1997, me and my boyfriend at the time were recordin' a bunch of improvised stuff, and at this one point, I was starting to make up stuff and then I'd say, "nah" and stop and make something else up and keep starting and stopping till whatever I was imagining as being what I wanted to write came out. I decided to take one o' those false starts and make a song outta it. That's what this song is. the very beginning o' this song is a false start that I originally rejected.

See, I always wondered what it'd have sounded like if I'd have continued that thingy I did and rejected. Here it is. This may be a very cryptic explanation and tuff to understand. Long winded.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


The profile picture used to be of me, and now it's of a cat in a box. It's not that I want to be 'nonymous; Blogger lost the picture of me that I was usin'!!!!!!!! The only picture I had available on a thumb-drive was of Charlie in a Box. So, now when people view my profile, they'll think I'm a cat! (In a box).

Friday, February 20, 2009

Poopy Poopy World Poops

Download Comet

Here's a picture, but it's not exactly how I'd imagined it, but it's hard to draw things that look like how you imagine 'em. I'm not sure if I like the song that much, it might sound too much like other songs-n-stuff.

Do I wanna make this dumb blog public again? I dunno, man. It's so hard, when you put yourself out there and dunno what yer gonna meet up with. How do you get your creative poopy stuff out to the world, but protect yourself, too? Maybe there's no way to do it. Maybe if you wanna be an artist and get your crap to the world, you gotta throw yourself into the abyss, and the like. It seems to wear people out when they do that, like Mozart and how he died all young and stuff. And Jim Morrison. You gotta have the disposition of a cop to be able to do this stuff and not cause some serious fucking damage to yourself. What a stupid world. No wonder I blow it up with a comet in this song.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Song about a Comet

Download Comet

This is a sort of chipper little bubblegum-pop song about the end o' the world, yes, indeed. I tend to write a lot of those.

Song about a Comet

Download Comet

This is a sort of chipper little bubblegum-pop song about the end o' the world, yes, indeed. I tend to write a lot of those.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Here's a new one for ya

Dude, it's gettin' harder and harder to post songs on this blog, man. Harder and harder, like lifting a big fucking heavy load. This well may dry up soon. I see impending dryness. Yes, this blog is about to die. Poor little blog. But, I'm realizin', more and more, I'm not well-suited to this internet business. I see other people who have wildly successful blogs, and I'm not sure what the difference is. i don't think I'm producin' a poor quality product, and i feel like, in many ways, i've been writin' some o' my best songs up to this point. I'm not a self-promotional guru or anything, though. Or maybe I don't have much talent. I don't care anymore. This blog is breathin' that death-rattle breath that people talk about in books sometimes. Euthanasia is the way to go. Sorry I failed you, poor blog.

Download She was sleeping

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

There'll Be More...Probably on Friday? Maybe?

I do have a new song I want to post this week, but it's a crazy week, bleh bleh bleh. It's funny cuz the one last week about the poison mushroom? If i was ever to stop blogging, I'd want that to be the very last song I post, cuz it just seems like a good goodbye song, you know. But, I'm still plannin' on posting, so I'll post an additional song this week-poops. Letsee here, what else? Yeah. Okay, man, yeah. Oh, yeah, that was it! I know I've had that happen before, where If feel like I've just written a good last-song, so it'll probably happen again. But, I sorta feel like the mushroom song came directly outta my soul, and the like.