Monday, March 16, 2009

Bedouin Society

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I had to interrupt the Timmy and Bobby cycle cuz I recorded this song this weekend and wanted to get it up on this here blog, cuz I'm kinda excited about it. Or something. I was talking with someone about the crappy economic situation, when I came up with the prediction that eventually, everybody'll be homeless and there'll be all these foreclosed houses with no one livin' in 'em, and a bunch of people livin' in cardboard boxes on the sidewalks outside of these vacant houses that used to be theirs. It's sorta ironic. All these perfectly good, but unused houses and a buncha homeless people. Maybe it won't end up that way. But that's what this song's about. Cool.


morsel music said...

Makes me think of today's version of "American Pie" - I would only love to hear this piece on NPR as an opinion or commentary on the state of affairs. Great work!

becky said...

Wow, cool, thanks! I luv "American Pie!" Cool!!!!