Saturday, November 14, 2009

Grandmothers of Death

Download Grandmothers of death

I started recording this song at about 6pm, and now it's 8:17pm. Cool, man, in about 2 hours you can have a song go from bein' an idear in your head to bein' on the internet for everyone in the whole wide world to hear! (Or, in my case, the 3 people who check this blog. Thanks, guys!)

Anyway, I think I know what this song's about, but it would be stupid to try to put it into words, you know, man. But, I thought it'd be nice to stay with the theme of grandparents and death, cuz that's kind of a nice thing to write songs about.

Okay, yeah, the picture has nothing to do with the song, but the cats behind the screen door are sorta ominous-looking, like the narrators of the song. I know, I'm reachin', but I just wanted a pretty picture so this blog wouldn't look too boring.


jack raffin said...

yeah, always dig the tracks you put up, kiddo.

this one's another gem, great pulsating rhythm - which sometimes comes up in some other tracks you've done, which usually give me some kinda image of looking out the window of a moving car, like... i dunno, cinematic driving music.

let's go all out and say maybe for some kinda early unproduced linklater short.

jack raffin said...

" it'd be nice to stay with the theme of grandparents and death"


jack raffin said...

wow, yeah speaking of driving music...what was that one track you put up....? sunshine lane or something liek that? LA freeways also come to mind. hold on while i go look for that song...

Christy said...

Another awesome song! So, upbeat, so about death! very addictive beat! I can't get enough!!

rbuchanan said...

I really like this one! The beat and the chorus got me first, and then I went back and listened to the words more carefully, and I really like them. Nice!

becky said...

Hi Jack, Christy, and Rebecca,

Wow, thanks for all the cool feedback! That cheers me up and takes my mind a little off all my dumb, work-related stress! Yay!

Jack: Yeah, the song yer thinking of is indeed called The Sunshine Lane. I did it about a year ago, I'm pretty sure. Sometime Octoberish or Septemberis of 2008. I thought of the song drivin' on the 110 from LA to Pasadena, tryin' not to get on the lane that takes you to the 5. Not that you necessarily wanted all that information. Hah.

Cool, I'll have to listen to this song again cuz I hadn't thought that much about the beat. Cool! Gladja all like it!