Friday, November 25, 2016

Err Sreet Not (or That's Awesome)

I couldn't figure out whether to call this one Err Sreet Not or That's Awesome, cuz both of those phrases show up in the song. Or, like, the sample-dude sounds sort of like he's saying "That's Awesome" in places. But that might be a dumb title for a song, so maybe I should go with Err Sreet Not.

It's a little guitar-driven ditty, I guess you could say. I guess you could say that. I'm not sure what genre it reminds me of, but it reminds me of something. I'm not sure what, though. It's, like, some genre of female vocals and guitar-driven-ness. It's that genre, I guess you could say. But I dunno what it's called, or if it's an actual genre, for that matter.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Herb Shall We Sue a Foot

Whoops, that picture's a little lopsided there. Looks kinda like the prayer wheel is floating away.

Okay, wow, usually I just post stuff once a week, but this week is weird. I initially had reservations about posting this here song because the lead singer vocal part sounds like an animal in pain, in places, and I didn't know how that would sit with people. But the animal-in-pain nature of the vocals kind of goes with this week's recent events.

Crap, this is weird. Like, this is turning into the Stand with Standing Rock blog instead of a regular music blog, but I made a deal with myself that I can post as many Standing Rock posts as I want, as long as I include a song in each one. That way, I'm still conforming to the principles of this being a song blog.

But, yeah, after hearing about all these peaceful, unarmed people at Standing Rock getting doused with water cannons in sub-freezing weather, I had to do something about it. Made some phone calls today. All lines were busy at the White House (202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414), which might be a good sign, because I'm guessing lots of other people are making calls for the same reason as me. All lines were busy at the Morton Country Sheriff's dept (701-328-8118), too, but I left a VM.

Here's a link to Mark Ruffalo's Tumblr page. It's got this really good video on it of a man named Kendrick Eagle, asking President Obama to do something about this situation.

And here's the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's website, again, in case you wanna make a donation.

In short, I felt motivated to post a song today, where I sound like an animal in pain, cuz that's how I feel. This is 2016, and people're bein' brutalized by the powers that be, and when the hell-fuck-hell-fuck-hell are Native Americans gonna start being treated decently????????

But, yeah. at some point, this blog'll go back to its regularly scheduled programming; hopefully sooner rather than later, because that'll mean that this whole thing has been resolved peacefully, and the Sioux Tribe at Standing Rock are finally getting treated with the respect that they deserve.

Friday, November 18, 2016

A Ruh Moo Ah Hedah Hedah

Here's another one of those weird songs. My kitty, Miss Daisy, is in it toward the end. It's not a very long song. I'm trying to figure out what to say about this one. I cain't think of much to say, except that I really like Miss Daisy's meow toward the end.


Here's the link to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's website again, so you can donate to them if you want.

I keep on wanting to post things about this, but I'm never sure what to say, cuz I already said a bunch of stuff a few posts ago. It keeps on freaking me out, and bothering me, and tying my guts on knots, to know that Native American people, who've been getting screwed over (to put it mildly) for 500 years are still getting screwed over and treated like shit in the 21st century. But it looks like the assholes who are trying to stick in this poopy pipeline might be running outta time or something. Like, it's gonna no longer be profitable or something, if they cain't get their dumb pipeline installed by Jan 1st. I hope that happens - I mean, I hope they cain't get their poopy pipeline in there by then, that's what I mean.

It scares me cuz the powers-that-be, which includes the government and all the poopy corporate money powers are all banded together to be all greedy and mean and stupid. And the thing is: it's not like the government or the mainstream media or anyone hooked into this web of corruption even wants to pretend to act like they're all ethical. They're not even trying to hide it anymore, because they don't think we can do anything about it. And I dunno if they're right or wrong. But I'll do whatever I can, cuz fuck them, that's why. Fuck, I dunno what I wanna say. I dunno, man.

But, in any event, I'm kinda getting sick of the forces of evil winning all the time. I hope the good guys (the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, in this case) win this time around. I really hope so.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Nah Suh Duh Cessavie Doolb

Here's another one of those weird ones again. I couldn't figure out how to illustrate this song except to put a blue spirally thingy there. There's a wee bit of more of that perseveration on a theme I keep on doing. I feel kinda bad about all that perseveration. At some point, I might be all reveally and say what it's all about, but at the moment, I'm still bein' all private about the reasons for it (except to say it has something to do with death).

Fuck, I'm not sure what to say about this song. It's kind of sad and blue-colored. It kind of goes with my mood today. It's one of those sad-blue poopy days.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Stoned At The Whole Foods

This is a song about what it would be like to walk around a Whole Foods store all stoned. I just felt that a song about that had to be written. The world needed a song about being stoned and walking around Whole Foods. I'm guessing it would be pretty intense.


On an unrelated note, I'm still gut-wrenchingly sad about how the Water Protectors at Standing Rock, ND are getting brutalized. Argh. I still cain't believe this shit is happening in 21st Century America. So, again, here's a link to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe website, in case you want to make a donation to them.