Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Download Like humans do

That's right, you can count this as "working" cuz I'm "on-call," as you will. Hopefully I won't be needed, cuz I'm too exhausted. New jobs tend to do that. I had to post something today cuz today is 09-09-09. Weirdly enuff, it's also the deathiversary of someone in my life, but the song I wanted to post (about him) ain't on this computer yet. ARgh. But, maybe that's that particular soul's way o' tellin' me he wants to keep the date of his death private.

The song I posted is one I wrote way back in 2001, and it was, oh it's complicated. DAvid Byrne had just come out with his new album, Look Into The Eyeball, and so before I listened to it, I made a whole album of my own with all the same song titles. I was trying to predict what his album would sound like. Hah. This song sounds NOTHING like DB's "Like Humans Do." That's okay cuz I like mine better. I guess that sounds cocky. Arrogant, too.


jack raffin said...


everybody's stupid! haha. ah real great!

becky said...

Thanks, Jack!

rbuchanan said...

To my mind, this is what this song has always been and is supposed to be. I like it.

becky said...

Ha ha ha, cool! I think it's the funner version, yes.