Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Alcoholic Summer Surprise

Download Alcoholic summer surprise3

I started writing this song way, way, wayyyyy back in 1997, oh dear lord, I'm old. I was jammin' with this quasi-band I was in at Dartmouth, and I came up with the chorus. At the time, the verses were mumbled spoken word stuff. I wrote new verses this weekend, and I'm happy with how they came out. Next week's song is Alcoholic Barbie Doll. I like songs with the word "alcoholic" in them.

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Darker, More Serious WRock Song Than Usual

Download Colin creevey

I was hesitant about posting this one, but I wanted to keep up with the weekly song-posting thingy. It's a Wizard Rock song, but it's darker and more serious than the ones I usually write. If you don't know the HP series, I dunno if this song'll make any sense. Then there's the problem of it being a spoiler, so if you haven't read Book 7 of the Harry Potter series, but are planning to, then DON'T LISTEN TO THIS SONG.

There's also the possibility that I got all the facts wrong cuz my memory of that book is hazy, so maybe this song ain't a spoiler, after all.

There's a wee bit of A Prayer for Owen Meany in this song, too. (I dunno if it's very recognizable, though). J.K. Rowling + John Irving = Jojkn Roiwlrving.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Something Else

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Yeah, so this is the 2nd recording of my first break-up song, and it was originally written in 1998. It was kind of fun, cuz in the original recording, I had a lot more fancy instruments (but not as good recording equipment). In this one, the instrumentation's more primitive, cuz I'm using my little Casio keyboard from 1984 and things I found around the house for percussion (a yogurt container with can lids in it, a notebook and a pen, and a drum made for little kids). It's fun to try to make something bigger than the sum of the parts you used to make it; I'm really gettin' into that these days. You know, trying to make something sound relatively sophisticated, but with sorta primitive instrumentation. I guess I'm doing that partly because I got instruments stored in different places all over the state cuz they won't all fit into the place where I live.

When I originally wrote this song, I was heavily influenced by Talking Heads; you can hear it in the lyrics, I think. Actually, I added some new lyrics/vocals to the bridge, which in the original version was only instrumental. gotta run!

The picture is just regular doodles, but it's in the colors I imagine when I hear the song.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I'm still tryin' to decide whether to post the recordin' from last weekend. I'm on an official writer's block these days, so I'm re-recording old songs where I didn't like the original version. I did one last weekend that was my first break up song. I don't really know if it sounds like a break up song, but I heard it again recently and found that I really don't like the way I sang the original vocals. So, I did it with new vocals. I may post that but I have to listen to it a few times more to see if I want to. I did it way back in, what year was that? 1998? Oh, gee-whiz, that was 11 years ago!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

There We Are - Stupid Just Like You

Download Stupid just like you

Here's my song for this week. It's a genre that, hmm. I guess I've sorta been writing in this genre for a while, kind of. Kind of, but not all the way, sort of. It's, like, a genre I've been approximating, but I think it's even moreso for this song. Sort of a, I don't know. I guess you can be the judge of the genre, but it's a genre that I've been wanting to write in for a while. Like, I'll hear songs at the beginnings of movies or in movie previews, and I think, wow, I wanna write in that pseudo-Celtic, punky variety o' female vocal rock shtuff genre.

I think the Twilight series may have influenced this number a wee bit, but the song ain't about vampires, though. It's just a nice song about dysfunctional relationships, with a teeny tiny bit of Lacanian psychoanalytic theory thrown in (but it would be hard to tell about that last part unless you've read up on it some.)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

For Next Week

I shall be posting a song next week; dear lord, this week was kinda crazy. Plus, this computer's been acting up, so I'm a little weird about plugging in my little drive thingy into Mr. Virus Laden Computer. But, I'm happy with the song I recorded last weekend, so I'll stick it on here next week, yes indeed. It's a nice fucked up relationship variety o' song, yesiree.