Monday, March 9, 2009

The First 2 Songs of the Timmy and Bobby Series

Download Timmy and bobby

Download Timmyandbobby2

These 2 songs look similar, and indeed, they're about the same characters, but they're different songs. I hope they're not too boring. It's just fun to have a nice li'l project, writin' a set o' similarly themed songs and stuff. The first one is the one I wrote about 3.5 years ago, and the second one is one I wrote a couple weeks ago.

I did an album in 2002, where all the songs are palindromes; y'know, if you play the song backwards, it sounds exactly the same as forwards. I wondered what perceptual effect it would have, havin' songs like that. I mean, like, do people's cognitive systems, at some implicit level, detect that these songs are symmetrical. For many years, I wondered if they did. I listened to them yesterday, while I was on a long drive, and I realized, yes, indeed, they do have a perceptual effect. They get boring really fast! That's the effect! I always thought, why do these songs get boring after only 1 listen? They sound interesting enough, when you hear 'em the first time, and they're musically no less complex than my other songs. But you get tired of them fast. Strange-o.

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