Friday, July 29, 2016

You're In Reality, and Bernie Got Screwed

Backwards in reality

The picture for this song is of 2 guys comin' to terms with their fucked up reality. It sorta goes with this song. I guess so.

I had a dream about a week ago, where I knew I was dreaming. In the dream, I knew that in real life, I wanted to get up relatively early, so I wanted to wake myself up and look at my alarm clock. But every time I thought I'd woken myself up, I discovered I was still dreaming! (Like, I knew, cuz my bedroom had weird stuff in it that's not there in real life). I was gettin' real frustrated. Then I heard this song playing and I was able to wake myself up and write it down. Well okay, actually, the 2nd part of this song was what started playing. I tacked on the first part after the fact.

In tacking on the first part, I was attempting to make a symmetrical song - y'know, if you play it backwards, it would be the same as if you played if frontwards. Here're the 2 versions. Although I had to cheat with the backwards one - the different tracks didn't really sync up the way I wanted them to, so I had to shift some of them slightly forward, timewise, and others backwards, timewise.

And then, I was thinking about how depressed I was with the outcome of the poopy primary election. I ended up impulsively writing a song about how Bernie got screwed. And then, WHOOPS, I realized the melody of the verse is a plagiarization of the verse of the "You're In Reality" song. Whoops-a-daisy. The good thing is, ha ha, it's probably not illegal if it's a plagiarization of your own work.

Okay, yeah. I'm sure some people'll get all offended by this song cuz lots of people don't think there was election fraud, despite what seems like pretty strong evidence. In any event, even if there was no election fraud, Bernie still got screwed, cuz no one can dispute the fact that lots of people didn't get to vote (people in Brooklyn, people in AZ who didn't have time to spend hours in line, people in CA who got their registration switched, etc). I mean, if Hillary won fair and square, I'd be all, okay, that's the outcome. That's what the people wanted. I'd be able to just plain accept that reality.

But the fact is, we'll NEVER know if Bernie woulda won if everybody got a chance to vote. That sucks.

I'm realizin' a couple things after the fact about these 3 here songs. One thing is, if you listen to them back-to-back, they make kind of a nice little mini-symphony thingy. (I dunno if other people'd hear it the same way or not.) The second thing is, oh my, the Bernie song really wants to have a bridge. I'll add a bridge as soon as I come up with one and then repost it at some point.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Juan? Homer-Willing!

This new song's called "Juan? Homer-Willing!" 

It's very odd; this here blog had 95 page views yesterday, and then 0 today. Whuh? That's just plain odd.

Anyway....this is the next in that series of weird, cryptic songs. I think I have 2 more to go before I'm all-the-way-done with this here project. Fartknockers.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Beverage Boy

This song's called Beverage Boy, which makes it sound like it might be a regular song, but it's not. It's another one of those experimenal weird ones, where a lot of it is not in English (but some of it is). The part about the Beverage Boy getting angry at the Luggage-Gun Company is in English. That's kind of funny.

Anywayyyyyy....this is part of that weird project. I have 3 more songs before before I come outta the closet about what this album is about. Maybe that'll be in a month or so.

The picture is an excerpt from one of the graphic novels I'm working on. I thought it went well with the song, since it's called Beverage Boy, and the picture is of guys drinking beer.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Another Weird Mystery-Song

Here's the next song of that weird project I'm a-working on. I think I have 6 more songs to go, and then I'll tell the world what this is all about. Dood.