Tuesday, February 3, 2009

There'll Be More...Probably on Friday? Maybe?

I do have a new song I want to post this week, but it's a crazy week, bleh bleh bleh. It's funny cuz the one last week about the poison mushroom? If i was ever to stop blogging, I'd want that to be the very last song I post, cuz it just seems like a good goodbye song, you know. But, I'm still plannin' on posting, so I'll post an additional song this week-poops. Letsee here, what else? Yeah. Okay, man, yeah. Oh, yeah, that was it! I know I've had that happen before, where If feel like I've just written a good last-song, so it'll probably happen again. But, I sorta feel like the mushroom song came directly outta my soul, and the like.

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