Thursday, April 2, 2009


I'll probably post on Friday cuz I have a couple hours in the day I can do that in. Today's nonstop, starting at 9am, bleh. Oh, no wait, I have 1 free hour. To do paperwork in. I'm trying to decide between the next installment of the Timmy and Bobby series, or a, well, this is hard to explain. "Fake Mormon Hymns." Or, more precisely, "Fake 'Mormon Hymns'" Since I've never heard what a Mormon hymn sounds like. I saw on Amazon Dot com that David Byrne wrote a soundtrack for some HBO series, I guess involving Mormon people, and he'd listened to a buncha Mormon hymns and wrote a buncha fake ones in the same style. I sorta got a vivid picture of what those might sound like, so I wrote 3 "hymns" with Mormon themes from my imagination, ha ha ha. This is getting too long. I'm tired, and I'm fighting off some kind of virus that involves a sore throat, but the situation at work is so bad that I have to come in, even if I end up with a fever of 104 or something. It kind of sucks.

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