Thursday, August 31, 2017


In short: this is a song sung from the point of view of a dead guy. He wants to get a message to his mom that he's okay in the spirit world.

This is the song where I found out what the Corky Red Tail album is about*. See, when I wrote this song, I'd written the first couple songs, and I knew the album was basically about a dead guy who was trying to communicate with living people to get them to do something for him. But before writing this song, I hadn't known yet what the dead guy (Corky) wanted the living to do for him. Then this song told me what the album was about. It's about how Corky wants to get a message to his mom that he's okay in the spirit world.

He starts trying to communicate with Rudy, the cop, cuz old Rudy's a reliable man. See, the sampled dude talking, he's telling Rudy, "Maybe he entered your brain" meaning, he thinks Iktomi the trickster spider was tryin' to enter Rudy's brain when he got hit on the head with a rock. But in the weird universe of this death-album, it's actually Corky tryin' to communicate with old Rudy. But he doesn't know how to talk to Rudy, so he tries hitting him with a rock.

Actually, I'm not sure why he hits him with a rock. I think I'd have to ask Corky why he thought that hitting Rudy with a rock would get a message to his mom that he's okay. I'm guessing he thought that if he yelled the message while hitting Rudy with the rock, the weird lapse in consciousness caused by him getting hit on the head with the rock would open his brain to communications from the spirit world, which often to require an altered state of consciousness. That's probably what Corky had in mind. It didn't work.

As usual, this is what last week's song would sound like if you turned it around backwards (and dorked with the timing of the tracks to make the rhythm match up with the vocals/guitars/etc).

*For any newcomers to this blog, this song's part of a weird rock opera thingy based on the movie, Skins. [Spoiler Alert]: There's a character, Corky Red Tail, who dies early on in the movie, and this album follows him into the afterlife, where he ends up teaming up with the spirits of 2 guys who also die in the movie (Verdell and Mogie) (they both die of alcohol dependence in one way or another). Corky, Verdell, and Mogie work on gettin' the message to Corky's mom that he's okay in the spirit world.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Take The Dog Out

This is the backwards version of next week's song. It's another one of those backwards songs that has words in English (in this case: "take the dog out.") It's actually odd that I haven't posted next week's song yet, because it's one of the more important songs on the Corky album. It's the song that spells out, for the listener, just what this Death Album is all about. Yesiree.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Geez, You Can Trust Me

Just in case there're any newcomers to this here blog: This is another one of those rock opera/death album songs. The album's based on the movie Skins, and it follows this character, Corky, who dies in the beginning of the movie, into the afterlife.

This week's song is about Verdell, the alcoholic guy who dies and joins Corky in the afterlife. He's tellin' Corky that he can get his friend, Mogie (who's still alive) to help them make a sign to show Corky's mother that he's alright. He's all explainin' how Mogie's a joker, and Verdell can influence him to play a big old practical joke that'll end up being that sign. (The samples are Verdell sayin' "geez, you can trust me," and Corky thanking him for bein' trustworthy ("alright, thanks").

Verdell's plan is to get Mogie to vandalize the George Washington bust on Rushmore, like, painting him so he looks like he's crying (which will remind Corky's mother of a picture of George Washington crying that Corky drew when he was a kid). That'll be the sign that Corky's alright.

Weird geez u can trust me
Here's last week's song played backwards, which makes a weird version of this week's song.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Snake Y'rold

As usual, this is the backwards version of next week's song. Next week's one is a Corky death album song from a while back; I'm not sure why it took me so long to backwards it. This backwards song is 1. really different from the forwards one, mood-wise and 2. one of those backwards songs I wouldn't've been able to think of, if I was just trying to make up a song.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Chester Bennington, Part II

It was 2 weeks ago that I woke up in the morning with a song from a dream and wrote it down. I thought, cool, this'll be my next song on the Corky Red Tail album. Then that afternoon, I found out about Chester Bennington dying, and I got all sad. So I recorded that first song of the 3 up there - the first part of it is the stuff I got from the dream that was supposed to go on the Corky album, and the second is that general death-related theme I've done a bunch in the past. I wanted to sing that second part, in order to mark the sadness of the occasion. I guess that song is the first song of the next album I'm gonna work on, which'll be a requiem album for Chester Bennington.

The next 2 songs are samples from "Leave Out All The Rest" with the death song from the Corky album layered on top. I got Chester Bennington in there singing, cuz I wanted to pay tribute to him. I just hope it doesn't look like I'm stealing that song or appropriating it or anything. I just wanted to pay tribute to Chester Bennington. But, in any event, I won't make any money offa these songs, so maybe it doesn't matter all that much.

Actually, the the AFTERMYD one has a sample from Skins along with the Chester/LP one; it sounded kind of nifty, how the Native American guys singing in the movie go well with the Linkin Park sample.

As the picture suggests, these songs are the result of the 2 albums I'm workin' on crashing into each other and creating these weird, hybrid songs. Or something along those lines. But I"ll get back to doing backwards songs next week. And workin' on that Corky album, too. Alongside the new one. Yesiree.