Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Rockin' Christmas Eve

Okay, this is my newest recordin' (a couple weeks old). It's a poopypoopymix poopy mix! Blehhhhhhh! This mix gives me great shame, but I'll stick it on here anyway. Heh.

Download What use

I'm not sure what to call this song cuz it could be called What Use or What Good or A Bigger Infinity. I was trying to go for the '80's keyboard sound, I guess. It's not a type of '80's keyboard you woulda heard on the radio in the '80's, though, cuz the keyboard I used is the kind that parents bought little kids of Christmas back in the '80's. Little kids who took piano lessons and thought they could sound real rockin' with a nice Casio keyboard, bought at Gemco (which was bought by Target).

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Shoot, man, I forgot to bring a little disky drivey thing to upload a song with, poop poop poop. My brain was too frozen this morning. Man, my car said it was "37 degrees" outside, and I'm like, dude. This is supposed to be LA or something. LA's the land o' sandles and shorts, and I was freezing cuz I didn't have no gloves or scarves or anything. Bleh. It's cold everywhere. It's cold in the Northwest and cold all over California and cold in Las Vegas, too. It's a new ice age. Oh, man how boring is this? I'm talking about the weather!

Friday, December 19, 2008

100th Post

Ah-hah! I feel so advanced cuz I learned how to convert AIFF files into MP3 files on this here work computer (instead of working). I have, on this here Traveldrive, many, many songs I recorded about, letsee here, 11 years ago (man, I'm old) that I'd converted over from cassette tape about a year ago.

This one:

Star trek song is from a time period in my life, long, long ago, when I had a boyfriend who really had a thing for thumb-pianos. And he liked to use a pie plate as percussion. We did a bunch of recordings where we recorded ourselves improvising stuff for long periods o' time, yes indeedy. If you guys are fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation, this song's about an episode, is it called "The Chase?" It's one where Picard's old mentor, this old-fart archaeology professor comes to the enterprise, and there's all this stuff that happens, and you find out why all the aliens on Star Trek look like humans. Yeah. Nice to be posting songs again, even if I'm not writin' 'em. Please excuse the improvisational nature o' this one, ha ha ha.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Here's my plan; over the break (which starts the 24th for me), I'm gonna buy a really gigantically huge thumb-drive so i can transfer my AIFF music files onto it, thus enabling me to clear some space offa my computer (and concurrently convert those files into MP3 files, which take up a lot less space on my hard drive). I'm down to 2.sometthing GB on my poor computer and it's all slow and funny, so I'm afraid of creating any additional MP3 files without also clearing space offa the hard drive. (thus I have no new MP3 files to share with you folks). I'm feeling so dumb, lazy, and retarded about not keeping up with this blog. It's a combination of this intense internship year and not having enuff hard drive space on my computer. Although I shouldn't make excuses cuz that's dumb. I actually do have a new-ish recording but I left the disk thingy at home and it's a really bad mix. I'm ashamed of the badness of the mix. But maybe I'll bring it in soon-ish and share it with you guys anyway. I'm lame. I'm lame-o. Lame-ass.
Strange, too, cuz I'm completely dead, music-composition-wise. Sometimes those periods of deadness precede periods of amazing creativity, but other times, they last a year. I hope this one goes away soon-ish, cuz I'd like to do more songs, and the like-poops. Blather, blather, blather.