Saturday, September 6, 2014

Inside Medicine King

This is one of those surrealistic songs where my unconscious was doin' all the talkin'. So if you were to ask me what this song's about, I'd be all, "Well, it has meaning, but you'd have to ask my unconscious."

Actually, part of me knows part of what part of the meaning is, but I feel like I'd ruirn it for y'all if I went ahead and said what my interpretation of it was. It seems like a better song for other people to figure out their own meaning of, than for me to dump it on them and say, "this is what the meaning is."

That said, I decided today to do, yet, another experiment with bilateral stimulation. Actually, back in the day, when I used to do recordings like this, I hadn't known the clinical utility of having repetitive stimuli alternating back and forth between different ears. Now that I've learned more about psychology shit, I've found out this actually does have some utility, healing-wise.

That said, there're a lot of other conditions that need to be met in order for stupid drums to heal you just cuz they're going back and forth between different ears, and the like.

Nevertheless, I'd recommend listening to this song with headphones on in order to get the full effect.