Monday, February 23, 2009

Captain Picard Is My Boyfriend In My Dreams

Download Capnpicarddreams I want the thing

This was a song I recorded over Christmas break. I was sort of in the middle of my writer's block during it. I may be back in one, but we'll see. This song is about how Cap'n Picard is my boyfriend in dreams. But, you know, it talks about his experience from the point of view of a TV character. TV characters never go to the bathroom. There're other things people on TV never do, too. I don't know if they ever screw in lightbulbs.

See, I'd done this recordin', where, wow, this was way back in 1997, me and my boyfriend at the time were recordin' a bunch of improvised stuff, and at this one point, I was starting to make up stuff and then I'd say, "nah" and stop and make something else up and keep starting and stopping till whatever I was imagining as being what I wanted to write came out. I decided to take one o' those false starts and make a song outta it. That's what this song is. the very beginning o' this song is a false start that I originally rejected.

See, I always wondered what it'd have sounded like if I'd have continued that thingy I did and rejected. Here it is. This may be a very cryptic explanation and tuff to understand. Long winded.

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