Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grumpy Sweetheart

This is a grumpy baby. She's grumpy cuz I have no time to post anything cuz I'm way, way, wayyyy overworked till next Monday (and then some).

Oy. But, there're 3 new Timmy and Bobby songs, although I think I might re-record one o' them. they'll be on the way soon-ish (or when I get less insanely busy) I swear, I didn't check email till 6pm today, bleh.


morsel music said...

Classic picture! Oh my goodness, I haven't spent much time in LA, but what I imagine in my mind looks like this picture. Lawn furniture on top of concrete with an orange-gray hue! Grumpy cat's expression is priceless.

becky said...

It does look like LA - it's actually a little north, but it totally does look like LA!