Thursday, March 30, 2017


This is last week's song, but backwards; this is another one of those ones where the mood of the backwards one is different than the mood of the forwards one. The forwards one, to me, sounds more minor and has more of an edge to it, whereas this one is more major and less edgy-sounding. It sounds like easy-listening. Y'know, like something your grandparents might like. (Well, maybe not).

 Then this is how it sounds when you turn it around. (I had to cheat again and move the vocal/guitar/bass tracks a wee bit to make 'em match up with the rhythm tracks.

The lyrics are:

Wait, someone killed me, I am dead
This sucks, I am dead
Why did they kill me? I am dead
This sucks, I am dead

They didn't have to do that

I was just looking for some weed
And for my friends that look like me
But, instead, it was those mean guys
Kicked me until I finally died

They didn't have to do that

Oh shit, oh shit, Corky

They didn't have to do that

Friday, March 24, 2017

I Am Dead

Whoops, the shadowy thing at the top of the picture is supposed to be a dead body. It looks more like a weird sausage dog or something.

This week's song is in English. It's, like, one of the songs in the new rock opera thingy I'm writing. I've actually written 4 other songs for it, but I'm too shy to share those ones at the moment. This is a story about a boy named Corky who gets killed and ends up in the spirit world. (It's another of those rock operas that employs samples from the movie, Skins). (I'll say more about what this opera-thingy is about later).

Anyway, this is kinda a hard rock-ish song cuz it expresses the frustration of this poor Corky dude. He's frustrated cuz he got killed and he knows it wasn't necessary to get killed and be all dead and stuff.

Stay tuned for next week's song, cuz it'll be the backwards version of this one. It's Jim-dandy.

Friday, March 17, 2017

CakeNack/ Weird Banjo Song

Well, fuck, Jesus is supposed to be looking to the left, but the picture got all dumb and rotated. Just pretend Jesus is looking to the left (and not looking up at the ceiling).

This is the backwards version of "She Had A Banjo," which I originally published in the summer of 2015 ( BANJO001 ) Hmm, I think it's maybe more solemn sounding than the forwards version, which is kinda bluegrassy.

Here's what it sounds like when you turn it around. Yay.

The lyrics are:

She had a banjo and it did her good

Jesus was listening and he held his breath
He knew the banjo would save her from her death

She had a banjo and it did her good

Jesus was worried and he could not tell
If she's in Heaven or somewhere south of Hell

She had a banjo and it did her good

(I kinda fucked up a little, in that the vocals are, like, 4 beats behind the guitar (I think) in the weird version. That also gives it somewhat of more of a solemn flavor than the original one).

Thursday, March 9, 2017

So Muh Gramma Munuh Miss Uh Everybody Eat A Sofa-Sequin

This is one of those weird backwards songs again. The only reason I have a piano in the illustration is that the original song:  Supposed to be a direct dsc makes me think of a piano. (That one's called: He's Supposed To Be a Direct Descendant of American Horse).  It doesn't have an actual piano in it, but it makes me think of a piano. There's no particular reason for that, I don't think. The melody formed by the dude talking makes me think of Mozart, though, and Mozart makes me think of pianos, so that's probably why.

Here's how the SOFASEQN song sounds when you turn it around backwards. Weird american horse
 Again, I apologize for not getting the enunciation of the words all perfect, but at least you can tell what the lyrics are when you listen to Supposed to be a direct dsc .

Edit: Oh, crap, there's a lyric in the backwards song that has the word "fnag" in it. It might sound, on accident, like I'm saying "fag," but I'd never use that word. No, that's a horrible word I'd never use, so I just wanted to say that, in case anyone heard it and thought I was being mean by using that word. I'd never use it unless I was referring to a stick, which is the original usage of that word. 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Backwards Assholedadsong Reprise

Here's the backwards version of last week's song (thankfully sans the buzzing sound). 

Here's what it sounds like if you turn it around. Again, I had to mess with the timing to sync up the vocal/guitar/bass stuff with the rhythm stuff. Also, the sample of the dude talking is throughout this version of it, unlike last week's where he comes in during the grand finale-ish part, if you wanna call it that. 

The words are:
He don't like the feeling/ when he made a bigger mistake/ he don't like the feeling/ of dropping his kid's birthday cake
What An
Herbie ain't too happy/ but it's not the reason you think/ he got really worried/ that his dad got drowned in the drink
What an asshole you got for a dad
We don't know his story/ we don't know why he got wasted/ and he dropped the cake be/fore it could be ever tasted
What an asshole you got for a dad
He sees that it's gone

I must emphasize, this song ain't actually about the dad bein' an asshole. It's about the dad beating up on himself cuz he thinks he's an asshole (but he's not). (Or, at least, I don't think he is, anyway).