Tuesday, October 16, 2012

You Were Gone

I wrote this song when I was feeling a little bit sad. It was really strange cuz, like, I noticed a while ago that all the crows in my neighborhood were missing. So, I stuck a thing about the crows missing in the song. Yesiree.

Cosmetic Empty-Side

I got this song from a dream; well, I got the first verse/chorus thingy from the dream, anyway. The picture is the structure thingy I saw when I was in the dream. The song was supposedly about Native American people who were trying to be British, and somehow they were dying. The song was about them dying. The structure thingy was involved in the whole process of them trying to be British and dying, but I don't remember how. It's sort of like I sort of know what the song's about but I sort of don't at the same time cuz that surrealistic dream-language tends to be sort of loose and floppy, meaning-wise.