Thursday, March 6, 2008

What Next? Argh.

Yeah, man, what else can I say about this week's song of the week? Both

Sin City


The Devil Is Dead

feel like breakthrough songs, and I'm sort of worried about what I'll post next. I mean, consider this; I've been waiting to write a song like The Devil is Dead since I was 16,a song with that particular type o' magic I've been lookin' for. I always wondered what would happen when I reached my goal o' writin' a song like that, cuz it's one of those life-long unachievable feelin' goals, and now I've done it. It feels like I should drop dead, or my head'll explode, cuz it's something that seems 2 good 2 B true. But, you know what? It's not like everything in my life has turned wonderful or anything. Ah well. But in a sense it sort of has cuz there was an explosion of gold light when that song happened, and the gold light keeps on going, and that's a nice thing.

Man, but what to post next? I know what it's gonna be, but, man.
I mean, I intentionally frontloaded some real good songs on this so people'd come back and keep on listening. But, man. I hope people don't get bored or something.


Sharon Spotbottom said...

Bring it!!!

rbuchanan said...

Gold light - cool! I wrote a nice comment about creative nirvana and transcending the here and now and post-transcendental life, but it didn't save and gave me an error instead. :-( But gold light is neat!