Thursday, March 20, 2008

Casio Keyboard From The 1980's (Man, I'm Old)

I sorta like the illustration below, cuz it's got this death-like stillness that goes with the song. That's kinda cool. If you ain't listened to obvious distinctions yet, it might be a good idear to listen to it before you read the rest o' this entry. The beat in it? Y'know? Hah, it's kind of funny, cuz it's really this cheezy little Casio-Keyboard-from-1984-Autorhythm. Maybe I'll make a sample for you to listen to. I put a microphone up to the speaker of my little Casio-from-the-80's keyboard, and put it through this really kickass effect on Little Larry (my digital 8-track). That made me happy. It's fun when your experiments create cool results.