Monday, March 17, 2008

Dang, I hear that sometimes this blog don't allow you to post a comment. Dang! I'll have to poop around and see what's going on with that. My apologies to all who've tried and haven't been able to.

The next song of the week, oh my. I'm SO indecisive right now. I could do a song called "Drunk on Sobriety," "Go to Hell, Breathe, Fuck You," or "Obvious Distinctions," which is brand new. Hmmmmm. I usually have a rule that I don't release brand new stuff until I've digested it a bit, but I really like this brand new song. I like the other 2, too. Drunk on Sobriety is kinda cool cuz it fits in with the whole drug-use theme from last week. But, then again, I'm pretty confident wait,. Gotggoa go

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Sharon Spotbottom said...

Can you hum a few bars....i feel like dancin'