Thursday, March 27, 2008


Dang, I've been 2 lazy and/or busy to do much in the way o' artwork this week (although the poonums in a box is really nice). I've been feelin' gooder than ever lately about my music, but a few nights ago, the music in me decided to take a vacation. It just sort of up and left. Strange-o, man. I mean, it actually feels dead right now, although I think, more accurately, it's gone into hybernation. My novel's moved 2 the center stage for the time-being, which is fine with me, cuz I gotta finish the thing sometime. Not to worry! There'll be plenty o' songs-of-the-week, cuz I gots me a ton from the past. I ain't even counted how many I have (it's just a matter of pickin' out the ones I want people to hear). Man, I'm tired.

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