Friday, March 7, 2008

I wanted 2 put 1 more illustration for the Sin City song before callin' it a week. Thanks for visitin', everybody who visited!

I'm all about the Jungian psychology cuz it sez that you cain't have light without dark and vice versa. I practically stole that line up there from good old Ursela LeGuinn and her fabulous book, "The Left Hand of Darkness." I'm cool with it, though. If ya try to be all light and not embrace your dark side, you go cold and dead, and creativity just plain dies, too. And when you think about it, creativity is a very God-like quality, so God dies in you when you kill the devil in you, man. I wanna figure out what it's like to live on that razor's edge that happens between things, betwee light and dark, good and evil, existence and nonexistence. I sorta feel like that razor's edge is where everything happens, man, and yet, it's so infintesimally small, that it feels like it isn't even there. But, it's a powerful place to be, man. It's got the power of lots and lots o' nuclear bombs, and the like (but I see the explosion as gold light, for some reason). I'm sorta makin' all this up as I go.


Sharon Spotbottom said...

Might there be a razors edge between the many and varied facets of light and dark? Like a constant shifting/moving...always there is change.
Other than that semi rhetorical mind phart i'm digging your fun, creative blog. yeah!!

becky said...

Thanks, man! That's a cool thought, there, that the light and dark has lots of gradations and constantly shifts. There may be an infinity o' razor's edges; tough to keep track of.

Kenny P. said...

You guys sound like the stoners of dartmouth.

becky said...

Shit, dude, I didn't think of that. We DO sound like stoners, we do, we DO!!!!!!

Wait, what was I saying?