Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I've been thinking about mustard lately, cuz it is the most vile substance known to man. And yet, although I cain't eat things with mustard in them because of the disgustingness, I really like stuff like Thousand Island dressing and Caesar salad dressing, where you can taste that hint o' mustard. It's like having that hint of vile substance gives you this interesting experience that's kind of cool and edgy. My friend who has a blog about perfume (the link over there that sez Smell the Glove) tells me that they put stuff in perfume that's really stinky, like whale barf and cat's butt scent to give it that little edginess and depth and stuff. I've been thinkin' o' that cuz I like to have that in my music, too, the dissonance that comes in and outta the harmonies, and the darkness and light at the same time. I like the tension between major and minor and the songs where you cain't tell if it's major or minor. I like the fact that the music in Obvious Distinctions is so pretty and the words are hugely dark. Okay, gotta go!