Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Shtuff about the Stoners of Dartmouth

I was writin' out the lyrics, but I'm gonna have to listen to the song to see what order they're in. And I'm having trouble remembering them, too. Which is a sort of stoner thing to do, you know, forgetting things. I started writing the song the day after Christmas, I think it was, in 2006. My nephew got a nice li'l toy piano for Christmas, and I was playin' around with it, entertaining the kid a wee bit (until he got bored). I realized what I was playin' could be turned into a song, so that's where the keyboard part came from. The rest o' the song just sort of naturally evolved from that.


becky said...

sThis is a test.

Kenny P. said...

When you mentioned your nephew, at first I was like, "Who's that?" Then I remembered.

Heh heh, I might as well be a stoner of Dartmouth!