Monday, April 14, 2008

Too Poopy 'Fraid To Post a Song Just Yet

I think I know what song to put on this week, but I'm not all-the-way happy with the lyrics in the present recording. No, I guess they're okay; I dunno, man. Or else I could put on those older recordings I've been thinking of. It's kind of exhausting to put your work out there, cuz people might hate it, or, even WORSE, feel indifferent to it. That's scary-ass shit. I'm scared shitless of even doing this blog, man; that's the truth of it. I guess I'll keep plugging along, anyway, cuz, like, that's what yer supposed to do , and the like.

I was thinking all day long yesterday about how music has magic in it, and that maybe by making music (or any other kind of art), you're actually making magic, like a wizard or witch or something. Then, last night, I started readin' a story by Ursela LeGuinn that said the exact same thing, that music and magic were the same thing. I was all, dude.


Em said...

Which Ursula K LeGuin story was it? Now I'm curious!

I think when you're making music you're fully alive--and when you're fully alive, isn't that magic? We are, each one of us, capable of so much more than we know, and so much more than we can even imagine.

becky said...

That's so true, isn't it? We totally are fully alive when we make music; well said. Letsee, what was the story called? It was the first little Novella in a book called "Tales from Earthsea." There's this whole series I'm hooked on called the Earthsea series, which is about people on a planet called Earthsea, and lotsa magic happens on it. Oh, the story's called "Darkrose and Diamond." Yeah! Good stuff! I recommend readin' the Earthsea books in order (so does Ursela).