Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dead Not Dead

Hi all, I'm still low on time and wherewithall, hah. Hah, yes. I was happy today, though, cuz I'd entered this musical dead-zone lately, and it's always hard 2 know how long that'll last. But, then I wrote me a nice little tune today, so that made me happy. It's boring to read about music and fun to listen to music, so I won't go into what the song's about or anything like that.

Musical dead-zones are interesting, cuz I still write stuff, cuz my brain's intact, but, like, well, you know, the music that comes out is sort of dead. Maybe the creative part o' me needs 2 hybernate for a while. There are songs I'd never play for anybody cuz they're too, I dunno. I dunno. Closed in on themselves, I guess. Or maybe they're just sorta dead, like I said before. And funny how the dead self-pitying darkness sometimes precedes the powerful darkness that comes when my music comes to life again; and I wonder sometimes if I need to do the dead, self-pitying darkness stuff to get to the good stuff. I don't know 4 sure.


Sharon Spotbottom said...

Sorry to inform're an artist! It's official!

becky said...

Oh, cool, man! Woo-hoo!

Em said...

It's amazing how we get inspiration sometimes....just when that "Dead spot" seems to be an endless pit.........and then the songs (or poems, or artwork, or stories) just come so easily. I wonder if the dead times are kind of like winter--necessary for the growth of our creative spells?

becky said...

Hey, Em, thanks for visiting! I've wondered about that, too, the whole possibility that the dead-times, like winter, are necessary.