Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Am Just A Fox Commentary

I've been thinking about what the new song, I Am Just A Fox, may be about, man. In some ways, it's clear as day to me, but it's clear in a way that cain't be fit into our logico-rational, problem-solving, word-using human cognitive system. The night I wrote it, I turned into a Fox, cuz the Fox decided 2 B one of my power animals, so that's cool. Sometimes I think of it as a song about the horrible things that happen to women and the horrible things that happen to our planet. And it seems to me that it's no coincidence that horrible things happen to both in our patriarchal, money-o-centric society, cuz the powers-that-be are threatened by anything connected up with the Old Earth Energies. So, there. But, I sort of feel like I shouldn't even publish this commentary, cuz, like, it shrinks the song a bit when you try to put into words something that's sorta beyond words. Ah, well. I get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction out of blathering, so I'll just publish it, anyway.

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