Wednesday, April 30, 2008

'Nother Picture

Here's another picture to go with I Am Just A Fox. I was a-tryin' to make it look like something where, if you were the owner of the chickens, you'd go out there and not even notice the little fox at first cuz the little fox is part of the scenery, just sniffing around like that. But, you kind of notice the little dude right away cuz the background's of such a different color. If I had it to do again, I'd make the floor of the chicken pen outta dirt instead of grass.
Once I saw someone pick up a thingy that had a black widow on it, and she didn't know it was on it. I told her, and she was all, oh, look at that. That was the effect I was going for in this picture. I don't think it worked, though, but I still like the song.

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