Friday, April 25, 2008

Long Ass Rant About Brainstrokes

Here's another picture 4 What she was made of. Um, you know, I mean, like, it's s'posed 2 B a person who sort of blends in with her surroundings. Interestingly, I heard today about a woman who had a stroke, and it knocked out her WHOLE left brain; right, man? That's the logico-rational, linear-thinking, language-using, problem-solving part o' the brain that I rant on and on about at times. You know, about how this part o' ourselves, while useful 4 buildin' houses and sendin' emails, can sometimes block us off from our true nature and the nature of reality and the like. Apparently, this lady, when she got her left brain knocked out, she had these amazing spiritual experiences of unity with everything. See, the right side o' the brain ain't sequential, it sees all things as simultaneous, happenin' at once, and it sees all things as bein' part o' the same thing. This lady became one with everything. (But she got better, that's how she was able to talk about it later). Makes me think we should use those transcranial magnetic thingamagiggers to knock out the left brain and give everybody these cool experiences. Then everybody wouldn't hate everybody else.


Sharon Spotbottom said...

LSD or peyote...pick yer right brain thingamagigulator.

becky said...

Yeah, I hear ya, man. Those drugs can be a real, cool, powerful monkey-wrench that gets in there and interferes with the logico-rational, problem-solving part of the brain that, what did Jim Morrison say? Pale reason hides us from the infinite? That thing. Oh, shit, dude, I should get us back to work.