Thursday, March 2, 2017

Backwards Assholedadsong Reprise

Here's the backwards version of last week's song (thankfully sans the buzzing sound). 

Here's what it sounds like if you turn it around. Again, I had to mess with the timing to sync up the vocal/guitar/bass stuff with the rhythm stuff. Also, the sample of the dude talking is throughout this version of it, unlike last week's where he comes in during the grand finale-ish part, if you wanna call it that. 

The words are:
He don't like the feeling/ when he made a bigger mistake/ he don't like the feeling/ of dropping his kid's birthday cake
What An
Herbie ain't too happy/ but it's not the reason you think/ he got really worried/ that his dad got drowned in the drink
What an asshole you got for a dad
We don't know his story/ we don't know why he got wasted/ and he dropped the cake be/fore it could be ever tasted
What an asshole you got for a dad
He sees that it's gone

I must emphasize, this song ain't actually about the dad bein' an asshole. It's about the dad beating up on himself cuz he thinks he's an asshole (but he's not). (Or, at least, I don't think he is, anyway).

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