Friday, February 24, 2017

Reprise of What An Asshole You Got For A Dad

This week's song is in English, yesiree. It's actually a reprise of the "What An Asshole You Got for a Dad" song. It looks even deeper into the psychology of the dude who drops his son, Herbie's cake. And it looks at what's going through Herbie's head, as well. And it's got, yet again, that death-related theme that keeps on recurring, and all that. Stay tuned for next week's song, cuz it'll be the backwards version of it.

Oh, and, fuck; there's this annoying buzz that showed up on the vocal tracks. I couldn't figure out how to not make my recorder make that buzzing sound; sometimes that dumb sound just shows up. Sorry about that. Poopity poops.

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