Thursday, September 4, 2008

She was fine.

Download she_was_fine.mp3

I didn't realize I'd made this song into an mp3 file. I didn't get a chance to record anything this weekend. This song's a few months old, recorded before the move. It's a song about a girl who has depression, but doesn't think she does. Warning: it's a depressing song. I get depressed when I hear it, but sometimes that's good.


jack raffin said...

boy, you don't have depression, do ya?

morsel music said...

I really like this one, especially the instrumental part. I like it too that it doesn't have drums. Chorus is great, if Radiohead sang this song, it would be one of their big melancholy hits! way to go

becky said...

Thanks! Yeah, it's funny, I thought of Radiohead when I listened to it recently, thinkin' how those dudes like to sing about stuff like depression and how if you hear them, they seem to know it in and out. Cool!